There’s actually a lot of work that goes into making a farewell sex tape.

When I made a farewell sex tape with my friend Ben, I was a little nervous. Ben and I, of course, had lots of sex before. We had it in lots of different positions, places, and times. By the time Ben came to let me know he was shipping out, I thought our sex life was over.

But when he asked me if I wanted to make a little memory by making a farewell sex tape, I confess I had to give it a thought.

My biggest concern was not that the tape would leak. Then, people knew me for having sex. In fact, everyone in my town knows I am a huge slut and knows I like to get fucked. They know if a guy has a nice cock or a girl has a nice pair of tits, I will open my legs.

No, my biggest concern was what to do. As I said, Ben and I had done a lot of sex before our farewell sex tape, and I was not sure how our tape would be different. Hesitantly, I agreed. I was sure our plan led to disappointing goodbye sex.

But he sure showed me. I was very, very wrong. Actually, our sex was great.

Setting Up the Tape

Mostly, I agreed because Ben was leaving. It seemed fair to give him a last hurrah.  He was PCSing, and that meant he and I would never have sex again for the rest of our lives. Which is both sad and good. Sometimes it’s the fact that you will only fuck someone wants that makes it really fun. Downside is if you get a really good partner, you know you will never have that good sex again.

Ben asked me to go ahead and come to his place where he showed me his camera set up for our farewell sex tape. He had three cameras, which felt like overkill, but he assured me that it wasn’t. He explained that he wanted to watch my face as he ate me out and as he fucked me, and so I agreed. Honestly, I thought it would be nice to have something to remember me by.

In order to test the camera angles, we went ahead and recorded me laying down on the bed. Ben flipped different lights, too, and different settings! It gave me a new appreciation for porn stars. I didn’t think there was so much work in making sex tapes, let alone a farewell sex tape!

Teasing in Our Farewell Sex Tape

When Ben finished with the setup, I started our farewell sex tape with a little striptease for Ben. And, knowing the cameras rolled, a thrill darted up my spine. I loved the idea an audience might watch this later. It really, really, heightened my arousal. By the time my panties slipped off, my pussy juices dripped down my thighs. 

Ben’s mouth watered, and he moved between my legs to eat me out. Of course, all that work to make my pussy soaked was for nothing! We ended up doing rough anal sex instead! 

Want some personal talk to me phone sex? Call for a down-to-earth time. I might tell you how our farewell sex tape ended!

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