The fun of a fantasy!

My fantasy. I’ve always wanted to see what it’s like to have a cock.  To be able to make my hand go up and down on my own cock.  And to watch cum squirt out of my cock.

The fantasy starts by being with a man and having his mouth all over my pussy and my mouth giving him a nice sloppy blow job. And all of a sudden y clit starts to have an unusual feeling.  I feel the usual excitement but there seems to be something extra.  Something more is going on between my legs.  And as he sucks on my clit he’s really starting to moan and groan.  Then he starts to giggle and tells me to look between my legs.

When I look down I see a small cock where my clit is supposed to be.  And it keeps getting bigger; he wraps his lips around the head and starts sucking as he’s looking up at me.  I can see by his eyes that he’s enjoying what’s happening.  When he takes his mouth away I can see how my clit has grown into a very nice looking cock.

The feeling is so different from being excited as a woman.  I can’t help myself from wrapping my hand around my new-found cock and stroking him up and down.  And it feels so good, now I know why you guys like to play with yourselves so much.

The man who I’m enjoying this Phenomenon with has asked me to fuck him.  So I push him down on the bed, put some pillows under his ass, put lube on my cock and have my way with him.  Getting in between his legs and putting the head of my cock on his tight little ass hole and start to push it in…

Cum help me finish my fantasy…

Best Phone Sex!