Fantasy Sex is one of my all-time favorite things.

When I feel really comfortable and confident with someone, whether it is a man or a woman, I love Fantasy Sex. Freedom is really everything to me, and Role Play Phone Sex is exactly that, freedom. Every once in a while, you meet someone extraordinary, and you can just let your real self show. The genuine part of you that might otherwise wait a while before genuinely revealing itself. You know, the kinky secrets we keep.

Playing games in the bedroom is a must if I’m going to be in an actual relationship for sure. Picture a life where you come home to a different version of your favorite person several times a week. That sounds so exciting to me. I love the idea of putting on lingerie or a costume that the regular part of me might not pick out. Stepping out of our comfort zone is so good for us. Especially stretching ourselves in the bedroom, I think it is very healthy.

One of my favorite ways to have Fantasy Sex is to play a redheaded warrior queen.

Her name doesn’t matter to me, so that can be up to you, ok. The vision of her is what is most important besides cumming my brains out, of course. I see this character of mine as a tall, athletic woman who has a soft and sexy grace about her. On the flip side, however, she’s a powerhouse that can kick ass at any moment. This super Goddess has it all in the balance of the perfect Fantasy Sex personality. Redheads always seemed to have it all to me, so I guess she’s like my alter ego.

Women are in the position of power, but we rule with more than force. The women of my land are sexy and have curves for days. We work hard to keep our area safe, but we play just as hard. Leaving all the men in the kingdom as happy as Hindu cows from all the Fantasy Sex they’re having. The men, of course, have several other duties as well, but their main job is to keep all of us warrior women sexually satisfied.

There is trouble in the kingdom, and a foreign threat has been detected.

Everyone must get to safety or prepare for battle, depending on their stations in life here in my world. All the incredibly beautiful warrior women grab their swords and bows ready for the fight of their lives. The aggressors approach fiercely and without hesitation. Our military line advances organized and calculated until victory is ours, and we stand over the bodies of our enemies.

It is dark out now, and the stars are above us. I return to some royal home that is luxurious for any time or place. I walk into my sleeping chamber to see you waiting for me. Your eager hands stretch out so that you can grab and embrace me. The thing you want most at this moment is my lips pressed to yours. Grabbed tight and kissed hard shows who is in charge in an instant. I am the one to takes you into me deep and firm. You are mine for the taking, and I don’t mind being greedy.

Our passion runs us wild, and this Fantasy Sex heats up to a boil.

Grabbing and clawing at each other until we wrestle to the pelt covered bed. I hold your hands down above your head and straddle you showing my dominance over you. The hard cock that stands tall is claimed for my enjoyment. An explosive load of cum rests soundly deep within my womb, and I lay catching my breath from multiple mind-blowing orgasms.

Laying in each other’s arms, I gaze into your eyes and moan loudly, amplifying the job you performed well. Providing me with pleasure and comfort is your personal purpose, and you do it well. Your dominant queens keep you well as long as her thirst is quenched upon firsts signs of lust. No matter how many times it takes, you will cater to my every craving. This is the position you wish to fulfill as often as your blood flow will allow.