Fantasy Sex Stories: The Legend of Zelda – Heavy Breathing of the Wild

Fantasy sex stories with me again! Are you ready to hear a hot story about how Link stumbled upon another hot blonde? Well, in this story, the hot blonde is me. 🙂 Enjoy.

It was a rainy day near Kakariko Village and Link was being chased by a horde of Bokoblins. I’m just another resident of Hyrule, minding my own business just tending to my horse in the stable. When suddenly I hear someone panting and turn around to see a blonde teen just running my way. I see the Bokoblins in the hazy weather and grab my bow.

They aren’t coming for me next, no sir.

I crouch down and shoot the 4 of them one by one. The young man keeps running and finally runs right into me! We both fall into the stable and freak my horse out. The young man stands up, covered in mud and soaked to the bone.

He helps me up and I shake off the hay. We both laugh and I invite him in for a change of clothes and a place to stay until the rain stops. He says his name is Link… although he doesn’t speak much. Just sort of nods.

I give him a change of clothes and he starts to take off his muddy clothes. I blush and turn around to chop up some potatoes but something inside of me NEEDS to look at him. Then I turn back around and see his perfect, young, slightly chiseled body become naked. And in the glow of the firelight, I see his perfect, young, thick cock.

Oh man, did I need a thick cock now.

I bite my lip and walk over to him to help him out a bit. He’s startled a bit when I touch his shoulder but soon turns to me and looks deep into my eyes with his lovely blue eyes. I untie my waist cincher and pull my blouse down to show him my perky breasts. His eyes widen and he grabs me immediately and nuzzles my breasts.

I feel his mouth kissing all around my left breast and finally feel his warm tongue on my nipple. I gasp and he grabs my thighs and picks me up and takes me to my bed. He then lays me down gently and spreads my legs. It’s like he knew I wasn’t wearing any undergarments.

Link pulls my skirt up to find my completely hairless pussy. Something he was pleasantly surprised about. He eagerly starts to lap my pussy up and all I can see is his head bobbing about my downstairs region. I lie back and listen to the crackling of the fireplace and Link’s mouth slurping up my pussy.

Oh god. I want him to lick me, choke me, fuck me!

Part two.

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