“Choke me, daddy.” I love playing nasty little games. I love spanking, blowjobs, a bunch of little other things you wouldn’t believe. But what I love most of all is when a guy cannot help himself. When he is so into me that when we are getting busy, he just thrusts into me and wraps his hand around my neck, and begins to choke me. Oh how I love that feeling!


There we are lying on my bed, looking into each other’s eyes, wanting more.
I look to you and lick my lips.. I feel something between my thighs.
I smile because I know that my panties are slowly getting soaked by my pussy.
I lay on your chest, hearing your heartbeat faster as you slide your hand on to my lower back then on to my ass.
I look down at your jeans and see your bulge growing harder and larger.
I want to do is shove it in my mouth but I wait.
You pull my face up towards yours and give me a deep kiss.
You start pulling up my skirt, revealing my soft shapely ass with pink G-string riding up.
You tug at that G-string and lay me on my back.
You quickly pull down my shirt see my perky tits.
My nipples get so hard and you begin to suck on them.
I moan as you flick my nipple with your tongue.
Then you work your way down and pull down my G-string.
Kissing your way up my leg you work your way to my slippery, pink, smooth little cunt.
You quickly slurp me up, sucking my clit up into your hot mouth.
I shiver and sit up to watch you tongue fuck my little pussy.

I start to tell you “Yes, baby! Right there!”
You grab me by the neck and begin to choke me.
Which turns me on even more!
“You like that, my little whore?”
Fuck yes, I do love it when you choke me!
Gripping the sheet beneath me, I lay back.
You spread my legs as far as they’ll go and crawl up to my face.
You practically rip your jeans off and slap that cock on my wet cunt.
I can’t wait for you to shove it inside of me!
I writhe underneath you and you slide your cock over my pussy.
Getting that dick covered in my pussy juices, you stare intensely into my eyes.
“Oh fuck!” I shout as you jam that rock hard dick into me.
I’ve wanted this all night and finally get to have it!

You sit up, lift my hips, and wrap your hands around my neck.
You start to choke me again as you are thrusting in and out of my tight little cunt.
My tits bouncing fast as you pound me hard.. mmm.
I start to feel myself about to climax… you choke me harder…

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