Fantasy Sex Stories – I Summoned a Sex Demon!

Fantasy sex stories are the best stories. It’s getting closer to Halloween so more of these types of stories will pop up. This is just a taste of what’s to cum. Demons, werewolves, vampires, ghosts, and other manners of hot, supernatural creature you can think of. Feast your horny eyes upon this work of erotica!

There’s a phone sex coven…

Some of us here decided to form a coven of witches and we wanted to see what kind of trouble we could stir up. I had some candles lit and some incense burning. My legs were spread nice and wide while I fingered my clit. All the other girls would be doing the same thing and focusing on bringing a lust filled demon into this world because our sex drives were too high even for our line of work.

I could feel every single one of their desires as I played madly with my clit and it drove me crazy. I turned my vibrator up two notches and fucked myself furiously with it because I just couldn’t get enough. In a matter of minutes, I exploded all over my toy and my body shuddered.

The energy of the girls filled my body so I grabbed the summoning stone and smeared it with my juices. Using my body as a focus point, I poured all of our collective energies into the artifact next was to wait.

It was cumming…

Oh, yes, I could feel my entire apartment building shake as though it was going to collapse. My heart rate increased when I saw the bright red flash of light and the demon emerged. Because I’d never seen anything like it, he terrified me. He had that look in his eyes that demanded respect and it made my pussy wet all over again.

His cock was massive and watching it throb almost made me cum again. I felt as though I haven’t had sex or an orgasm in years just by looking at him and I couldn’t figure out why. I just knew I needed to call Alyssa and get her over here to see what we accomplished.

Before I could pick up my cell, the demon grabbed me by my throat and forced me up against my bedroom wall. He was dominant and I knew he wouldn’t be denied…..

Let’s have some taboo phone sex of our own!