We all have fantasy sex stories.

Heck, I posted another one of my fantasy sex stories earlier this week: Free Erotic Sex Stories: Aliens, P1. Point is, fantasy is fantastic for erotic sex.

In the spirit of Halloween, I want to tell you of another fantasy sex story of mine: werewolf sex. Surprisingly, it’s a popular erotica genre. Go to Amazon’s self-published section, head to erotica (be sure to turn your SafeSearch off! Amazon likes to hide that from you), and type in “Werewolf”. You should have thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of werewolf erotica to choose from.

Lots of ladies love the sexy werewolf. They’re always fit. No chubby werewolf exists; apparently being a werewolf means having abs and 8% body fat. No lady attracted to dudes is going to look away from that. Werewolves are strong. Plus, on top of looking like Mr. Charles Atlas, ladies project all the best parts of dog personalities onto them. Werewolves in erotic culture are not only sexy, but also loyal, dependable, able to fix your truck (maybe not a dog thing), and love you because of who you are. It’s a dream package.

But I must confess, that’s not what turns me on about werewolves. Yeah, it’s nice for love and feelings, but I’m much more about the pleasures of the flesh. What really gets me going is another part of the dog that has somehow wormed its way into werewolf literary culture.

(Hint: It’s the knot.)

That’s what I want to feel when I sleep with a werewolf. I want that brute strength to push me down, hold me there, and force me to take that cock. My perfect werewolf partner will rut into me mindlessly, consumed with lust on the full moon. He’s going to pound my pussy again and again and again until I feel something at the base of his cock growing larger, and larger, almost too big for me to handle.

And then, he’s going to flood me with his cum. He’s going to hold me down and give me so much, my belly will be full. He’s going to make me hurt with how much cum is inside me.

I’m going to love every minute of it.


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