Fantasy Sex Stories: Training the pool boy to be a pleaser

Here is another one of my juicy fantasy sex stories.

Although it was a dream, I can see it so vividly. My friend Mitch and I took a trip to Panama just to get away and enjoy ourselves. The flight was pleasant. The hotel was amazing. When we finally made it to the beach, I felt like I was in paradise!

There were sexy pool boys everywhere. I could tell Mitch was enjoying watching them just as much as I was. Finally, I asked him if he was thinking what I thinking. He smiled at me and nodded his head yes. He slid his chair closer to me and we began planning our evening.

One particular pool boy caught both of our attention. He was tall, tan, and had the most amazing body we’d ever seen. His smile was gorgeous and he had a very adventurous look in his eye. We could tell that he would be the perfect third person for our eventful night that we were planning. He came over asked if there was anything he could get us.

I didn’t say a word. I just grabbed his cock blew him a kiss.

At that point, I had his attention and I knew he was down for whatever. I slid him my room key and told him to be there in an hour. Mitch and I headed up to our room to freshen up and wait for our fun boy to arrive. After about forty-five minutes passed, the door opened. It was the sexy pool boy coming in wearing only his swim shorts.

He walked over to me as I sat at the edge of the bed. I pulled down his shorts and shoved his cock in my mouth. Mitch got on his knees from behind him and started licking Mr. Fun boy’s ass while I sucked his hard cock. It wasn’t long before I was tasting precum on my tongue. I laid back on the bed and Mitch slid underneath him and started licking my pussy. I motioned for pool boy to fuck Mitch as he ate my pussy. He did exactly that.

After I came on Mitch’s face I pulled pool boy down on the bed, laying him on his back and started riding him while Mitch licked my ass and played with his balls. Before the night was over, pool boy and Mitch had both filled me with cum. I came on both their faces and cocks. We had an amazingly slutty, kinky kind of night. Dreams become fantasy sex stories. Those detailed sex stories turn into reality at some point.

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