Impregnation Sex Stories: The Surrogate and her lovers

Let’s add impregnation sex stories to our lists of favorites.

My friend, Amy and her husband, Kyle were trying to get pregnant but they had no luck, no matter how much they tried. We all were very close and my advice was always welcomed. I talked them into getting a surrogate after so many failed attempts. I helped them look for someone fitting but that too was very difficult. After a while, they asked me if I would be their surrogate. It took me by surprise, but I couldn’t tell them no. After all, we were very close and I wanted to help out as much as possible.

The interesting thing was Amy asked me to have sex with Kyle, rather than going to the doctor for an insemination procedure. Although I was shocked, I didn’t decline. We made plans for my fertile days and got started the first night. Candles were lit to set the mood and wore lingerie to help also. Amy was laying on one side of the bed and Kyle was on the other. They told me to get in between them and relax.

Before I knew it, Amy was licking my pussy while Kyle had his lips around one of my nipples and rubbing the other.

It felt amazing, being pleased by both of them. Within minutes I was cumming all over Amy’s face. After she licked me clean, Kyle pushed my legs back and licked me from my ass to pussy before he slid his dick in me. Amy came and straddled my face and we licked each other’s clits while Kyle fucked me.

When I felt him filling my pussy with cum, I came with him and so did Amy. It was at that moment that I realized, being a surrogate came with lots of perks that was happy to have. That was the day we became more than friends. We were lovers and friends, and I was happier than ever.

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