Fantasy Sex Stories: The perfect maid for the perfect man

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Alex was a handsome bachelor who worked hard and rarely had time to mingle. Although he was at work more than he was home, he still had trouble keeping his place as clean as he liked it to be. He decided to hire a maid to help keep his place neat. As he looked through the listings for maid services, there was one that got his attention, Riley’s Full-Service Clean Up. He called and scheduled an appointment for Friday evening when he could be home and see the work done.

The doorbell rang. It was a beautiful brunette with a curvy body, great smile, and she was just all around perfect. Her cute little maid dress and high heels with stockings made it hard to resist wanting her. Alex had a boner from just looking at her. He invited her in and showed her around.  After a little small talk, Riley began cleaning. Alex went back to the bedroom and decided to lounge while Riley cleaned. Once she finished downstairs, she upstairs to his bedroom. Before opening the door, Riley took off her top and wore only her skirt, stockings, and heels as she opened the door without knocking. Alex was laying across the bed in only his boxer shorts. He was shocked when the door opened and saw Riley walk in topless. She continued into the room and started to dust the tables.

Riley looked back at Alex as she was bent over dusting the table, showing him her pussy from behind.

She dropped the duster and walked over to the bed. Alex’s dick popped right out of his boxers, as hard as a rock. Riley climbed in the bed and straddled him, telling him that this was the full service he had requested. He didn’t hesitate at all! Alex grabbed Riley by her waist and pulled her down on top of him. He started sucking and licking her nipples as she began grinding her pussy on his dick. Before they knew it, Alex had Riley’s legs on his shoulders, slamming his dick in her pussy. She came non-stop until he exploded his huge load inside her.

Riley took a shower and cleaned the bathroom before telling Alex she would see him next week. Winking at him, walking out with a smile, Riley knew her job with Alex was just beginning, and she knew he loved her full-service special.

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