BBC Cuckold Stories: I took my boyfriend out for some freak festivities

This will be number one on your BBC cuckold stories list.

Matt and I had been dating for a while and things were getting boring. I wasn’t excited anymore like I was before. Our sex life was super dull and I wanted more. I decided to try some new things. One night I told him to get dressed so we could go out and have fun. He thought we would just go out and drink and dance and come home. I had other plans.

We went to a bar that was all about freaky festivities. I already knew what I wanted to happen. Matt wasn’t sure what to expect. I told him to follow me into the gentlemen’s room. When he saw the glory hole he was surprised. He thought I was about to get my knees until a big black dick slid through and I told him to handle it. He looked at me as if he didn’t understand a word that I had said. So I pushed him down to his knees. He looked up at me again as he opened his mouth and started licking the tip of the big black cock sticking through the glory hole.

Matt sucked that big fat cock way better than I expected. It made me so wet as I watched.

The best part of it all was watching the black guy explode all over his face and Matt smiling as if he was enjoying it more than any of us. After the glory hole action, we went back out to the bar and I lifted my skirt at the booth and rode his cock while people watched. It was so exciting. A random guy came over an started sucking my tits while his girlfriend dropped down and sucked his cock at the same time.

We had so much fun and we were just getting started. I brought the kinky side out of Matt and there was no turning back from it. We took a hot black couple home with us and sucked and fucked each other all night. The memories made were unforgettable.

Tell me about your kinky BBC cuckold stories. I know you have some!

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