Fantasy sex stories are always fun come Halloween time

Fantasy sex stories are always fun come Halloween time. Wouldn’t you agree? I was out the other day looking at a local costume shop to see what kind of cute outfit I could wear to a party that’s coming up. I saw this sexy version of Little red Riding Hood and I tried it and a few others on. But I didn’t get anything, since I wanted to sleep on it and decide after I thought about the choices. Well I guess it will definitely be Little Red Riding Hood this year, since I had a bizarre and sexy dream about the Big Bad Wolf! My boyfriend and I are for sure going to go as those characters.

My boyfriend has this big, friendly German Sheppardfantasy sex stories with C.J.

I had kind of a naughty spin on it in my dream though. My boyfriend has this big, friendly German Sheppard dog. And in the dream, well, let’s just say the fantasy sex story involved him! I dreamt I was walking along in the woods, wearing the cute costume and carrying a basket. And I could hear a rustling in the bushes and I looked over and it was my boyfriend’s dog. And he came over to me and kept whining and pushing his nose up my skirt. There was no one around, it was dark other than the moonlight . And there was a bench not far away I walked over to and sat on.

I Wasn’t wearing any panties

I patted his head and he kept trying to get under my skirt. But I eventually gave in and leaned back on the bench and he was licking my inner thighs. And I spread my legs and soon felt his hot, flat tongue flicking at my pussy lips. I wasn’t wearing any panties. I reached down and held open my cunt lips for him, exposing my stiff clit. He kept licking and licking and I was in heaven with the sensations he was giving me.He had a long, hot , kind of rough feel to his tongue. This beast was licking me from my asshole up to my dripping wet cunt!He was tireless. I felt like such a dirty slut letting this dog go down on me on a bench in the woods. But I was soon cumming and he was lapping it up.His pussy eating skills were great.

I felt like such a dirty slut letting this dog go down on me

I woke up on the verge of orgasm . And was soon reaching under the covers to play with my fevered pussy, thinking of my boyfriend’s dog. I soon stroked my clit to orgasm, it didn’t take long and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Some fantasy sex stories are more naughty than others, that’s for sure. I didn’t tell my boyfriend about this dream.

I went back to the costume shop and got the Little Red Riding Hood outfit for myself. And the Big Bad Wolf outfit for my boyfriend and I was wearing it when he came home that night and I told him to put on his costume.  I had him go down on me while I was wearing it. And of course I was thinking about my dream as he did. I don’t know if I’ll ever tell him about that. Or if I’ll ever let the dog actually lick me, but it makes me think I must want to on some level to have had a dream about it.

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