Fantasy sex stories – The Twelve Days Of XXX-Mas

The Third Day of XXX-Mas

Fantasy sex stories for XXX-Mas Continue to day three, and oh what a day it was.

In the first place, Santa had me running my ass off.  Whipping the fuck crazy elves into shape takes a lot of energy.  And Santa made it clear that if the dildos and other adult sex toys were not ready, he would hold me responsible.

So, I was not happy when riding back to the workshop I was stopped by one of the three wise men.  Apparently, the winter storm blocked the North Star, and they had no idea which direction to go.

As a result, they were camped in the forest outside of the story factory.  Because I could not just leave them lost I grabbed a map and followed him into the big tent.

And what a sight I saw.

The second wise man had his 10-inch cock shoved up the ass of the third wise man.  He was also humiliating him by mocking his 3-inch cock and calling him a fucking sissy.   Apparently, they had found a way to pass the time.

Never one to miss an opportunity, I wanted to join in.  So when the first wise man asked if I wanted to play, I stripped on the spot.

Then, kneeling right there I pulled out the first Wise Man’s cock.  My pussy was already soaking wet, and I could feel the moisture on my thighs.

Looking over at the third Wise Man, I started laughing at his baby dick.

Next, I wrapped my lips around the first Wise Man’s cock and started to suck.  Licking, sucking, stroking I had him on the edge of cumming.

Then, he pulled threw me right down next to the sissy, spread my legs and fucked my brains out.

When I left, the only one that did not cum hard was the third Wise Man.  However, if he is a good cock sucker between now and XXX-Mas, that will be his gift.

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