Family SPH Fun – Has My Uncle Embarrassed? I Know How Small He Is!

My uncle is extremely handsome. He is one of my favorite relatives. I rarely see him, though, since he lives on the other side of the states. Of course, I wasn’t expecting the family SPH fun with him.

As I said, he is handsome, and I have a crush on him. In fact, I have always seen him as sexy. So, since he is here visiting for a few weeks, I see it as an opportunity to finally fuck him.

He is a successful entrepreneur and quite wealthy. When he is visiting, he loves taking me shopping. Of course, I never say no to free clothes and accessories.

Sadly, my advances open the door for the family SPH fun.

No girl wants disappointing news about a crush. Therefore, finding out the object of my affection is lacking downstairs sucks ass. It is surprising considering how big Daddy’s cock is.

We are shopping, and I decide to start flirting with Uncle Ben. He is eating up the attention. Of course, the girls at the store are also flirting with him. At this point, none of us expect this man deserves family SPH fun.

In fact, we are all competing with each other for his affections. Although, I am going home with him. So, the other girls can suck it. He takes me to this fantastic restaurant for dinner.

We have a corner table, and I start rubbing his leg with my foot.

He is into my attention and starts rubbing my hand with his. We feed each other dessert and have a blast at the restaurant. As he is opening my car door, he bends down and kisses me. No part of me is wanting family SPH fun.

Wow, he is an amazing kisser. My pussy is so wet with anticipation. Once we get home, we make out leaning against his car. At this point, my pussy is dripping wet and ready.

He and I go into the house. Everyone has already gone to bed. I take his hand and lead him into my bedroom. We lay on the bed, exploring each other’s bodies with our clothes on. Of course, he doesn’t want the family SPH fun.

I quickly undress so he can see my sexy body, still not expecting family SPH fun.

He, on the other hand, is slow at undressing. That should be a sign for me, but I am so turned on, I am not paying attention. I get his shirt off and start licking and sucking his nipples.

He is quietly moaning as I kiss and explore his chest and stomach. Moving down to his pants, I undo them. My hand slides inside. I am looking up at his face, but his eyes are closed.

Oh, fuck, what is that?! Now, it is time for the family SPH fun. Only it isn’t going to be fun for him. His dick is hard and only four inches long! What the fuck?! No way, how can this be?

Uncle Ben opens his eyes and sees my disappointment.

I immediately go into humiliating him. I am so upset; my mouth overrides any kindness. He seems to have expected this. “You have the smallest dick, ever,” I tell him.

Surely, women don’t enjoy sex with you since you have a clitoris instead of a dick. He is blushing now, and I try to real in my berating. He is, after all, family. I tone it down, and we actually start laughing after I finish my family SPH fun.

Of course, I am horny and want to get off. I tell him to eat my pussy, and I will keep his secret. Luckily, he agrees. It turns out Uncle Ben has amazing oral skills and makes me squirt!

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