I have a naughty little secret to tell you

Do you want to hear it? Good, because I want to tell you all about how I became my daddy’s little cum princess. Daddy and I were a little naughty yesterday. He taught me that pleasure can come from many different things! Plus, he made me his honorary little cum princess!

Daddy said that, since mommy is gone now, I get to be the new mommy! I giggling and grinning, I ran up and gave him a great big sloppy wet kiss. Muah!

My heart fluttered as he started to take off my clothes, piece by piece.

He kissed my cheek, gently, as he slowly slid my shirt off to reveal my pink puffy little nipples. They quickly got hard as daddy started to play with them. Then, he got even closer to me so he could lick them. I couldn’t help moaning while he was sucking on them as he unbuttoned my shorts. I was standing in nothing but my blue cotton princess panties.

Daddy slid them off with ease. Then, he got on his knees and started to lick my bald little pussy. It made me all tingly inside. MY pussy purred in pleasure as he licked all around it. Before I knew it, I was soaking wet!

He looked up at me and smiled, “You’re my good girl, right? You sure you want to be daddy’s good little cum princess?” he asked. I nodded firmly, letting him know that I was 100% percent sure I was down for fun.

I always get what I want, when I want it, and there was nothing I wanted more than to be my daddy’s little cum princess! With that, he started to take off his own clothes. My pussy throbbed in anticipation. He told me that, as the new mommy, I could do anything, absolutely anything, my little heart desired.

I’ll always be daddy’s little cum princess

He let me do all kinds of new and exciting things last night! I got to ride him like a big girl! It was amazing! I told him I wasn’t sure that his enormous, juicy cock would fit in my tiny slit. He laughed it off then said, “It’ll fit, trust me, sweetheart.”

Then I got to suck on and lick his pulsating, veiny, succulent cock clean. It was so yummy! The fact that I could taste myself on him made it even more exciting. My tight teen pussy was dripping wet after tasting him.

Then, daddy laid me down and spread my legs wide open. He licked and slurped my pussy some more until my legs were quivering and I was gushing. He said that I tasted sweet and that he could eat my pussy all night long. Then came the best part!

Daddy climbed on top of me, took his cock in his hand, then plunged it deep into my tight little cunt!

Mmmm, the feel of his warm, pulsating, man meat pumping in and out of me again felt so delicious. I like when daddy takes charge! He made me squirm and moan so loud; I love being the new mommy!

Then, my body got all hot, and I felt like I was floating in pure bliss. Gazing back down at daddy’s cock, it was covered in my creamy goodness. Daddy said that it was an orgasm, and he kept giving them to me over and over, and over again.

I blushed at the sight of daddy’s cock being covered in my cum. Smiling, he said it was a good thing, and that it meant that I was supposed to be my daddy’s little cum princess after all!

Daddy stuck his yummy cock back inside of me and kept pumping until his cock got really hard. I wrapped my little legs around his waist making him go even deeper inside of me. He paused for a second then grunted really loud as all of his yummy cum exploded inside of me. Mmmm, just thinking about all of that warm, slimy, sticky cum in me makes my pussy throb and ache for more.

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