I had the wildest ageplay sex with daddy yesterday! Daddy and I had so much fun! He and I were really naughty. Daddy told me that he wanted to play a little game, so of course, I happily played with him! This naughty little game was called daddy’s accomplice.

He and I got in his car and drove all the way down to the park. There were lots of yummy looking toys there. Daddy told me to pick my favorite one and we can take her home to play with us. So, I got out of the car then headed towards the sandbox.

There was a girl with long, flowy light brown hair.

She was wearing a pink shirt and some blue overalls, she looked like fun. I asked her what her name was, she said it was Abby. I smiled at her then took her hand. She looked a little confused at first, but still, she kept the smile on her face.

I asked her what her favorite thing in the whole wide world was. She said puppies and lollipops. I smirked then told her that I had both a puppy and a mountain of candy so huge you could climb it at my house. Her jaw dropped and she begged to come over. I looked over towards daddy and winked, he smiled then nodded and opened the door as we walked back over.

We both got into the car then went back home. Once there we were greeted by my puppy, Milo. Abby smiled and giggled as Milo licked her face. I laughed and told her the candy was in the backroom.

Her eyes sparkled with happiness as she headed to the back.

Once back there, her smile dropped, and she turned to look at me upset. She frowned and said, “I don’t see a mountain of candy.”

I laughed and said it’s further back, go into the closet, you’ll see it once you open the closet. She headed towards the closet and daddy and I stepped in and he locked the door. We turned the lights on and he gazed at her ass while she searched inside the closet for her treasure.

She turned and frowned again, stating there was none, and I had lied. Daddy walked up to her and slapped her. She shrieked in pain as he told her not to make assumptions about me. I shrugged and said, “Oops, I must have eaten it all.”

He picked her up effortlessly then forced her down on the bed.

She wiggled and kicked trying to break free, but it was useless. Ageplay sex is seriously naughty! Daddy was a giant compared to her small stature. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a silk cloth. Then, he proceeded to tie her wrists to the bed-posts.

She screamed, “What are you doing?!” She trying to get free, but she wasn’t strong enough. Daddy then proceeded to stand and take his clothes off.

He looked at me then told me to get her ready.

I nodded; this was my kind of ageplay sex.

I climbed on top of her and straddled her as I began to unbutton her overalls. She wiggled and screamed, “No!” I smacked her and told her to be quiet because her screaming was annoying, the room is soundproof so there’s no need for yelling. Abby kept screaming though. Daddy came over and yanked her head to the side.

He stuck his throbbing, rockhard, cock inside of her tiny mouth.

She coughed and gagged on his huge man meat. I tore her shirt open then threw her clothes on the floor. She had some pretty pink princess panties on. I tore them off too.

I crawled in between her legs and spread them open, she was still kicking and squirming, but I got my face down and lick her tight little cunt. It was so sweet!

She was so wet!

As I slid my tongue out of her sopping wet little pussy, I looked up at daddy and said that she was ready for him. He gave one last thrust of his cock in her mouth then took it out and crawled on top of her.

I quickly straddled her face then began fucking her face.

He grabbed her little legs and spread them far apart as he shoved his rock-hard cock into her bald slit. She screamed into my pussy; it was amazing. Daddy kept pumping and pumping until his muscles tensed.

All of his yummy white cream came seeping out of her tiny cunt.

I licked my lips as we switched places. He shoved his cock back into her mouth to clean it off as I ate all of his yummy cum from her creampie.

I sat up then giggled as I wiped my mouth. Daddy always has such naughty ageplay sex fantasies! I love them!

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