Previously, from Family Sex Story: How I Came to Seduce My Stepson

Oh yeah, all those thoughts of a family sex story were front and center again, making my clit and pussy pulsate with need. And if his raging hard-on was any indication, they were all he could think of as well.

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So, there we were, my stepson and myself, in my bed, watching a movie. I was curled up against him, hiding my face in his shoulder. My nipples were hard as a rock and scraping straight through the thin material of my nightshirt, and against his chest. My pussy was so wet at this point. In fact, my hips, as if they had a mind of their own, slowly undulated against my stepson’s side. And all I could think of was yeah, this is how a family sex story begins, don’t they? With that thought, my pussy gushed all the more. I’m not sure, but I think I let out a small groan against my stepson’s skin.

It seems that I wasn’t the only one phased by my erotic cuddling. I could hear, as well as feel my stepson’s breath growing labored and heavy. And that pup tent in his pajama pants? Well, that had turned into a big top, lol. I could feel and practically see the turmoil going on within his body and mind. His mind said no, we shouldn’t be thinking this. We sure as hell shouldn’t be thinking about acting on those urges and growing desires. It’s wrong on so many levels! And his body countering, screaming, oh hell yes, we should!! Yes, yes, yes!! Oh FUCK YES!!!

Then I knew his body won the debate – a very taboo family sex story was flooding his mind like it was with me.

Consequently, I tipped my head up to look into his eyes. Seeing the growing lust and desire in his eyes, I became emboldened. With our eyes locked on each other, I shifted my leg against his, sliding it upwards toward his raging hard-on. He didn’t stop me or give me any indication that this wasn’t going to happen. When I perceived his unspoken consent as well as his approval, I pushed my advantage even further. That’s when I let my hand follow suit and rest on his cock. As a result, my brazen actions were rewarded with a guttural groan that escaped his lips. My hand squeezed and his eyes rolled back in his head. I started kissing and nibbling on his neck, working my way up to his ear.

I whispered in his ear how much I needed him, how much I wanted him, and how he feels so good in my hands. Asking him if he feels the same. My lips blazed a trail over his jawline, pausing at his lips, hovering there for a moment. Looking into his eyes, I searched for the same hunger I was drowning in. And I found it in spades.

I guess that’s when he hit his breaking point because right then and there I could see his inner struggle dissolve. Moreover, I would say it was replaced with something else. An unyielding determination with no repentance. Just absolute, no holds barred lust. A feeling he was not going to deny any longer. Acting on his newly found resolve, he pushed me on my back, his lips devouring mine. His hands were everywhere. Cupping my breasts, grabbing my hips, and finally finding their way to my panties. All the while he kept murmuring how he can’t hold back any longer.

That he HAS to have me, has to fuck me, that he’s been craving me for so long. And lord all mighty did he ever!!

I had unleashed his inner, primal beast, and it was not going to be denied. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Well, I’ll leave the juicy little details on how he had me every which way he could for our private conversations. But let’s just say, we are writing our very own family sex storybook, giving a whole new meaning to the term family fun!

Care to hear all those dirty, delicious details for yourself? Perhaps you’d like for us to write a mommy phone sex chapter of our very own? I know we can have a hot phone sex session that will burn those pages up!!


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