How My Very Own Family Sex Story Starring My Stepson and I Came to Be

My stepson and I find ourselves alone together a lot. His father, my husband, traveled a lot for work, so a great deal of the time, it was just him and me. That was all right. He was a good kid. We used to have fun together when it was just him and me. I liked to think I was creating a family story that we could think about and smile. Who knew that I was going to turn one of those family stories into my very own family sex story? Let Me Explain…

When my husband goes out of town (which was a lot), I liked to make a special effort with my stepson. You know, a bit of family fun and bonding. We always had movie nights in my bedroom. Us in our pj’s, a tub of buttered popcorn between us. Sometimes he would fall asleep in my bed, and I didn’t have the heart to kick him out.

It’s not like we were making our very own family sex story or anything. At least that’s what I thought.

Again, let me explain. At first, it was innocent. Laughing together at comedies. Huddling together during the scary parts of a horror movie. It’s not like I was trying to steer us into a Mommy son incest sex story of our own. But then I started noticing the looks. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that I guy gives a girl when he likes what he sees. Sexually. It seems my stepson was noticing me as a sexual being. Huh. Maybe I should rethink that thought about a family sex story.

I know I should have shut it down right off the bat. But truth be told, I liked the attention. With his father gone so much, it was nice to know that I was attractive, desired. And he was adorable when I would catch him staring at my ass or my boobs. He would turn the cutest shade of red, hehehe. At the time, I didn’t think I was creating our own little family sex story.

Boy, was I wrong (thank God!!)

So there we were, having another one of those movie nights in my bedroom. We had already changed into our “movie watching” attire. Me in one of my oh-so-soft but thread-bare nightshirts, him in a tee shirt and lounger pants. A giant tub of buttered popcorn nestled between us and our drink of choice sitting on the nightstands beside us.

Ok, so the nightshirt was a calculated choice. I knew that it was sheer, and my nipples would be clearly visible, demanding attention from all who even glanced their way. And attention they did get. My stepson couldn’t pull his eyes from them. To accentuate them even further, I arched my back oh-so-subtly.

If the tent that was forming in his pj’s was any indication, he was definitely noticing, hehehe. Oh yeah, taboo thoughts were DEFINITELY going through both our minds. That’s when a sense of sexual power washed over me. I was making his body react this way. Moreover, I was making my stepson want me. Was making him thinking about my tits, my pussy, and how it would feel to sink his balls deep inside me. Ok, maybe I was the one thinking about how it would feel to have his balls deep inside me. Of course, that’s just semantics.

That Family Sex Story thought was getting more and more desirable with each passing minute

As we watched the action movie we had agreed upon, things seemed to heat up between us. Nothing overtly obvious (well, not at first). Our legs touching; me hiding my face into his shoulder at the gory scene; him putting his arm around me, sarcastically proclaiming that I was such a “girl” and that he would protect me from the big bad movie.

Of course, when I feigned the “damsel in distress” routine, I would make sure to rub my hard nipples against him. And then I would nuzzle into his neck, my warm breath tickling his sensitive skin and lighting up all those taboo desires.

Oh yeah, all those thoughts of a family sex story were front and center again, making my clit and pussy pulsate with need. And if his raging hard-on was any indication, they were all he could think of as well.

…to be continued…


So, is my little confession getting those engines of your revving? Got to admit, the retelling of my little family sex stories id getting me wet all over again!

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