Family sex stories and exposed secrets

You guys know I love family sex stories, especially when it’s a brother sister sex story. So my brother’s girlfriend stayed over this weekend but she had no idea her precious boyfriend was fucking his sister while she slept. We are all three in his room watching a movie, yes a chick flick, fifty shades of grey. I know what your thinking but come on we are girls we love that stuff! Is it weird I’m watching sexy movies with my brother and his girlfriend? Well if your like me and into family sex stories then of course not. The sex scene with the red room comes on which I admit turns me on and apparently turns on my brother. That’s the scene where Anna gets restrained,  teased and then fucked hard. Remind you we are under the covers, my brother grabs my hand and places it on his cock.

Jerking off my brother next to his girlfriend

Since I’m the good sister I start jerking off my brother. I did look over to make sure she wasn’t looking which she wasn’t. She had no idea I was jerking off my brother right beside her. Of course feeling his dick throb in my hand while watching those sex scenes made me hot and horny. There was no way I was letting him cum until I got to cum. But I did enjoy teasing the hell out of his cock. I bet I jerk him off better than she does. When I look back over again she has passed out and so I get under the covers and suck his cock. But like I said he’s not cumming until I do. So I leave the room leaving him unsatisfied and completely teased.

Almost caught fucking my brother

Which if you had one of my blow jobs then you understand why it’s one of the best teases ever. Not to toot my own horn but they really are amazing! I leave and head back into my room without saying a word and when I turn around guess who I see? Yes, that’s right my brother. He’s all worked up and it’s my pussy he wants and I’m gave it to him. It was hot when he pinned me down and and forced my legs open, sliding between them, pushing his cock against my hole. I tried being quiet and I hope I was quiet enough. Right after we finished his girlfriend came looking for him.

I don’t know and don’t care if she heard us, and I’m clueless as to the excuse he gave her for being in my room. All I do wanna know is how did she like the taste of my pussy when she sucked his cock. Looking for your next incest role play, or maybe one of my famous blow jobs? You want a girl confident enough to satisfy your big incest phone sex fantasy call me.

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