Kinky incest with hot brother

Incest with my brother gets really kinky I get so turned on when I’m around my brother. Just the other day when getting into the shower I noticed him spying on me while getting undressed. Then after my shower I caught him watching me towel off in my room. With my back turned toward him, I drop my towel, so he could see more of my cute ass. We couldn’t very well do anything with mom in the house, so he got teased. But the rest of the morning I caught him looking at me.

It’s now or never

Mom leaves and I watch her pull out of the drive way. That’s when I tell my brother I caught him looking. Nervous at first he tries to deny it but I keep confronting him. I walk over towards himgrab his hand and put it right on my ass and ask him is this what you wanted? He does not say anything, so I push him up against the counter let my lips touch his. I drag his hand all over my body. Starting from my cute ass I move his hand up my lower back, around my hip, up to my perky breast and then down in between my legs.

My brother and I strip down, and I climb on top of him. I rode my brother without caring it was incest. He rolled me over on my back and slide his this cock into my ass. It didn’t take long, for me to feel the explosion of warm cum in my ass. My brothers cock is quite addicting. Who knew that incest could be so much fun. You want to be my naughty brother? Let’s make our own incest role play. Ready for the best incest affair? I’d love to be your Kinky Sister. Until then I’ll keep you posted on all my Family fun. But why wait because the real fun is on my phone sex line. No one fucks better than a sister!