Family Sex Stories Part VI

Family Sex Stories continued. My hand slips away from her mouth and she starts yelling.

Now she is really going to get punished.

I grab her ponytail, wrap it around my hand and roughly yank her head back. She winces in pain and momentarily stops her obnoxious yelling.  Still holding her ponytail I grab her neck with my other hand, squeezing tight I block her airways.

“Is this what you wanted Mija?” I grunt in her ear as I roughly fuck that tight little asshole. I can feel my nuts start to tighten and I slow down controlling my urge to shoot my load in her tight ass, but this load does not belong in her ass, I am reserving this “leche” for my baby girls pussy.

One last deep thrust in her ass I pull out slowly. I feel guilty for treating my little angel so harshly. As I turn her around to face me I make a self-promise to make it up to her.  I gently position her on the middle of the bed and position myself in between her legs. I run my hands all over her body while my tongue is deep in her mouth stroking that little tongue of hers.

Maritza lets out a little moan and I know I cannot hold this cum in any longer.

I gently push my dick deep in her pussy, and her legs wrap themselves around my waist.

She is so wet and hot I have to breathe heavily and stop moving or else this is going to end soon.

To Be Continued……

Family Sex Stories Part VII available 03/19/2018

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