List of Fetishes – Volume VII #61-70

The Complete List of Fetishes- Volume VII Dirty Fetish #61-70

There are 103 recognized fetishes and here at the Kinky Kingdom, we have phone sex operators that specialize in every single one.  In this ten-part series, I will define all 103, as well as highlight those that are personal favorites.  This is part 7 and this particular batch is pretty dirty and I love it!! Think you have what it takes to indulge me in my kinkiest phone sex fantasies?

62MysophiliaDirtiness, soiled or decaying things*
63NarratophiliaObscene words**
66ObjectophiliaSpecific inanimate objects
67OculolinctusLicking the eyeballs
68OculophiliaEyes and activities directly relating to and/or involving the eyes. Voyeurism does not meet classification for this term.
69OlfactophiliaSmells and odors emanating from the body, especially the sexual areas.
70OmorashiArousal from having a full bladder and/or wetting oneself, or from seeing someone else experiencing a full bladder and/or wetting themselves***


List of Fetishes that Cream my Panties

* Mysophilia – I think of Truffle Butter, and that really turns me on. Having a cock go back and forth from my pussy to my ass is the ultimate dirty deed. And it feels so good! And the Dirtiness makes me feel so DIRTY lol.

** Narratophilia – “Yea Bitch fuck this big dick. Fucking dirty whore” “This cunt belongs to daddy slut, who’s your motherfucking daddy?”

Yea While I am a lady in the streets I love being treated like a freak in the streets and dirty aggressive talk wets my panties.

*** Omorashi I love peeing while I am having an orgasm. It makes me feel so liberated and good. I love the feeling of warm piss on my clit. It also makes me feel marked and like I belong to you.

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