Family Sex Stories- Slutty Daughter Seduces Daddy Part I

Family Sex Stories Part I. Remember My Brother Sister Sex Story? This time I seduce my Daddy. Enjoy!

“Hi, Dad” I cheerfully say as I bounce in the room. “Hi Baby,” my Father says as his eyes immediately fall on my perky tits. At 13 I already have perfect C cups. And Daddy can never resist ogling them.  I smile mischievously as I see Daddy’s eyes scanning the rest of my body. I know the mini skirt I have on is inappropriate and I decide to make my move before Daddy makes me change my outfit. “Daddy, do you still love me?” I ask with a pout.

“Of course honey, why would you think otherwise?” He replies with genuine concern.

“Because you never have time for me, you don’t even let me sit on your lap anymore,” I say looking at the ground hiding my smirk.

“Awe Baby, come here. You know I love you. Come sit on Daddy’s lap like you used to.”

I run up to daddy throw my arms around his neck and wrap my legs around his waist straddling him loosely. Daddy looks down and his eyes widen in shock. I am not wearing any panties under my miniskirt. My pussy is on full display.

“Maritza donde estan tus Panties,” my father asks.

“Oh no Papi! I forgot” I say as I get up off his lap. I pull my skirt down and sit on his lap once again, this time facing away from him. Squirming on Daddy’s lap as I feel something hard and long poking me in-between my but cheeks. Behind me, Daddy lets out a slow hiss.

To Be Continued……

Family Sex Stories Part II available  02/25/2018


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