Sometimes family sex stories aren’t just between family members

Sometimes family sex stories aren’t just between family members. But for one that works for a family, she can be banging more than one of them. That’s how it went the summer I worked for a wealthy family that had me as their nanny when they took an extended European vacation. And I had to watch their three children. They also had an older son that

Gisele enjoys hot family sex stories was a college student that came along. And he was very good looking, just like his father. I soon learned more than watching the three youngest ones was part of the job. Since the dad and the oldest son were frequently looking for me when the kids were asleep to “help them out” sexually, and I can’t say I minded.

The Kids Would Be Taking A Nap I’d Be Sucking Dad’s Cock

They were wealthy, good looking, and horny most of the time and even though I didn’t ask for any extra pay for the extra services I was providing. They were very generous and would give me extra pay. I was given fancy designer clothes from some of the fine European boutiques in whatever town we were in at the moment. This was quickly turning into a very profitable and beautiful summer.

The wife would be off shopping for a few hours, and the kids down for an afternoon nap. And I’d be giving the dad a blow job. Then when they were out later in the evening and the kids down for the night. I’d be fucking the college age son in the next room.I’d be biting my lip to keep from crying out in pleasure. Odd that a father and son didn’t seem to mind sharing a lover on the side for their vacation. But hey, not my place to question things. I was getting fucked and well, by the both of them. And getting lots of money and gifts on the side, so I wasn’t asking any questions.

The family sex stories with this pair were legendary

The family sex stories with this pair were legendary during this holiday. I always had cum from the both of them inside of me. One time the son approached me to fuck and I said I hadn’t showered yet from being with his dad a few minutes ago. And he laughed and said he didn’t care, get into bed right now! So he had his dad’s sloppy seconds, they were a bit of an odd family. But they seemed to suit me just fine. I loved sucking on the dad’s cock, he was really big and it always made me wet to do it. I always wondered if they’d suggest a threesome but it never quite came to that. but went back and forth many times between the two of them and they didn’t care at all.

The clueless wife was all about the shopping and sightseeing, which we all did, but she’d be whiling away her afternoons with locals at some outdoor cafe and I’d be banging her son and then her husband as her kids slept in the next room for a nap. She was nice enough, but pretty dumb to be honest. It was a fun summer, though an exhausting one. So anytime I see anything about family sex stories, I think about the father and son team I had that one summer.

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