Family sex stories are so hot, especially when they’re true.

Here’s one of my family sex stories for you! For the holidays we went to visit my husband’s father and stay at his house for a week. It was a vacation like any other. My husband would still get up every morning to go on his 2-hour run and I would stay snuggled into bed until breakfast time. His father was very friendly and welcoming, he would get up and make us breakfast every morning and I and he would enjoy it together until hubby got back from his run and join us. His father is just as handsome as he is, still very fit and very charming.

We had been pretty busy for the first couple days of the visit preparing for the holiday, so I was pretty beat and barely acknowledged that hubby had got out a bed for what I assumed was his morning run. I was still out of it so instantly drifted right back to sleep. Soon I felt hubby crawling back into bed and snuggling up against my back. I figured he wanted a different kind of exercise this morning! 

I felt his mustache tickling my shoulder which I absolutely adore, his arms snaking around me, clasping my nipples between his fingers squeezing and twisting them, making me squirm in pleasure. Then I slid my arm behind me and found his cock and balls, Mmmm I thought, it feels different from this position.

He was kissing my neck vigorously and started biting, nibbling, and sucking.

My whole body was vibrating now, I became fully awake, and started becoming more than ready for a fucking, there was only one way this cock in my hands was going to go, inwards, and upwards, into my now hot wet pussy.

I started to twist around to get at him properly, but he held me tight and mumbled ‘no’ into my neck, I acceded to him, and stayed with my back turned toward him, he was beginning to drive me crazy, I wanted to be fucked, and if he didn’t do it in a moment, I was going to explode. Leaning into me, he pushed me onto my tummy using his body; placing himself on me, forcibly opening my legs at my knees. I waited for that first glorious thrust, then I got it! Wow! He was murmuring into my neck, his mustache grizzling around it, as he bit and kissed me there, driving me over the edge. I came quickly, my cum gushed out of me, he exploded into me.

I was still laying face down, trying to recover from that wonderful fucking when I realized he still has his cock in me and it felt as if it hadn’t gone down.

So I thought happily am I going to get another one? I turned my body slightly to see my husbands face, his face was next to mine, and that’s when I realized I was staring into the face of his dad!

I was stunned and had no reaction, however, his reaction was to drive his cock right back into me, thereby negating all discussion. So I submitted immediately, and my body took over! How could I refuse a cock like that fulfilling my every need? He continued his tremendous fucking of me, while telling me how much he had wanted me, and lusted for me from the day we had met! I came, and came, and came, it was the most wonderful, unexpected fucking a girl could have ever received. Utterly and completely fucked, and satisfied!

We’ve been sneaking around now for days, fucking here and fucking there. His dad even threw me on top of the dinner table and fucked me so hard I’m sure I was a mess when my husband got home. He ran out to the store to get me some dessert. It’s not like I wanted to cheat on my husband but the sex was so astronomical I could not resist. We never got caught and we never told my husband, but now every time we go to visit my father-in-law I know I’m gonna get a good fucking on the bathroom sink or some other unconventional place and I get excited thinking about my family sex stories every time! I can’t wait to hear about your erotic family sex stories!

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