I Couldn’t Wait Until My Nephew And His Girl Came To Visit

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You’d be surprised how many family sex stories there are that people have that they don’t talk about. But a few months ago I invited my nephew and his girlfriend over fort he weekend. And things got pretty naughty. We all had such a hot time, I was certainly wanting to repeat the experience again. So I asked them if they wanted to come over and spend another weekend over here visiting me. They didn’t hesitate to say yes. I was really looking forward to it. They arrived and things got hot not long afterwards. They asked if they’d be staying in their own room or if we’d all just be sharing my king sized bed again. I said it was up to them, and guess which they chose, my big bed.


My Nephew Has Such  A Beautiful Cock

I had lots of wine for us to enjoy and after our dinner I made. We adjourned to the bedroom, with a few bottles of wine. My nephew has such a beautiful cock. I had been fantasizing about sucking it and fucking it again after all these months. And I told him so. He got on me bed, totally naked and I got between his legs and started to fondle his cock. He was as hard as a rock within moments.

His girlfriend lay beside us and fondled her pussy. And it was all glistening wet and her clit was quite large. I knew I wanted to suck it soon. I got his cock as hard as it could get and I put my lips on it. And started to suck him off . He groaned in delight as my tongue flickered all over the head of his wet cock. I asked him if this was the type of family sex stories he liked to be a part of. And he grinned and said, “Yes, Auntie.”

The Whole Bed Shook As He Fucked Me Hard

He told me to get on all fours and he began to pound my pussy from behind. And his girlfriend scooted under me and I buried my face in her cunt. I lapped at her juices as I got plowed from behind. The whole bed was shaking as I got fucked hard and licked her cunt with relish. He told me he was going to fuck my ass and I was so horny I didn’t mind. He got it coated in my juices all the way up to the balls. And then popped the head of his dick into my asshole and then eased it all the way in. I grunted as he began to fuck my ass, his own aunt’s ass.At the same time as I sucked on his girlfriends pussy and made her cream all over my face.

I was getting ready to explode, I reached underneath myself and fingered my clit as my ass go pounded .And I had a wet pussy all over my face. Her fingers in my hair pushing my face into her twat even more as she humped my face.Soon after she then squirted all over my face. I came, then he was triggered by my orgasm and shot my ass full of his jizz. Then she finished cumming on my face, soaking me. It was one of the best family sex stories I’d ever been a part of, bar none.

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