Family sex stories between daddy and daughter

Family sex stories aren’t strangers here.  Have you ever played the tasting game with your daddy?  I have.  He came into my room one night when I didn’t feel like going to bed, and proposed a game that would tucker me out.  Of course, I said yes.  Daddy was letting me stay up late!  But I had to keep it a secret so mommy wouldn’t get mad.

The game was a tasting game.

The rules were that I had to close my eyes and try and figure out what I was tasting.  Since I was a good girl, I closed my eyes up tight and didn’t peek once.  I opened my mouth and felt something soft, warm, and a bit gooey at the tip press against my lips.  I immediately licked the goo off, trying to figure out what it could be.  It was salty and there was a lot of it.  No matter how much I licked away, more seemed to ooze out.

“I don’t know what that is, daddy.”

“Mmm, try taking more in your mouth.  It might help you figure it out.”

So I did.

I opened my little mouth wider and took more of this long, hot thing in my mouth.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it was getting bigger as I did it.

“Is it a banana?”

“No.  Try sucking it.  The more you suck, the more flavor you’ll taste.”

It made sense to me.  I wanted to win so I sucked hard and licked all over.  I couldn’t figure it out though, and that just made me suck harder.  Daddy was panting really hard but told me to keep my eyes closed.  Suddenly, I got a mouthful of…something.  It was thick and slimy and there was a lot of it.

“You have to swallow it, honey, or else you lose.”

I didn’t want to lose!  I swallowed it in one gulp and showed him my empty mouth to prove it.   After hearing a zipping noise, he finally said I could open my eyes.

“Was it sausage and gravy?”  I asked.

“Yea, sure,” daddy said, catching his breath.

“Yay!  I win!”

He rubbed my head.  “You sure did.”

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