Dirty little girl’s family sex stories.

Family sex stories always start off early and young. Sometimes it’s something as little like how nice it felt when you were sitting on your uncle’s lap, or how hard you felt your daddy get when you did it to him instead. That’s the main part of my story. For the most part, I was a total daddy’s girl. I was a good girl, too. It’s not like I ran around getting in trouble all the time and looking for reasons to get spanked. However, there were a few times that I did.. And it all started off with little dance routines. For a lot of my older years, I was a bratty cheerleader that loved to make him beg. But when I was little, I just LOVED dancing around with music videos.

The television was on all the time for me to watch and dance to it.

Daddy knew exactly what he was doing. All the old stations that constantly played music and music videos were to blame for all my dancing. I wanted to look just as sexy as all the girls on screen! So, of course, he did everything he could to make sure I was happy and always dancing along. He bought me little dance outfits and skirts to go with all my favorites. Before long, I’d taken up cheerleading. Sometimes my panties were a little too tight or gently moved the wrong way.. I had a habit of giving daddy a preview of something he secretly loved to watch! I didn’t find out until later why he loved to keep his attention glued to me. All those dirty family sex stories started with something so innocent..

But I guess I knew what I was doing. I loved the attention, and I loved seeing the way my daddy got flustered sometimes. So it wasn’t long before he finally had to stick his cock in me. 😉 He worked into it very slowly, too. He couldn’t be too openly sexual with his dirty little girl, right? So he had to work his way in when I first got in trouble for watching porn on my laptop. He came in the night after, just to sit down next to me as I browsed the internet on my bed. He set his hand on my back, playing the very concerned father as he started asking if I was just curious.. And little by little, his touches got a little naughtier as his hands slipped further down..

Come play with me.

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