A bratty cheerleader always gets what she wants.

Bratty cheerleader always gets what she wants. It’s like my little side personality that I let out whenever I want to make life easier by flirting with everyone, showing off a lot of skin, and being a little spoiled brat! I always got what I wanted out of Daddy. He could never quite say no to me when the little skirt came out.. I was a good girl the rest of the time, but when I wanted something I couldn’t get, the little bitch came out to play! The cheer uniform was my favorite go-to magic trick. As soon as it was on and I was strutting around, showing off my ass, smiling, and flirting.. the world was at my fingertips. Specially daddy. He had a hard time keeping me in control! All I needed to do to get out of trouble was give him a little sweet pout, and sometimes bend over a little too much.. and boom – everything was fixed.

I still have that little bratty cheerleader outfit in my closet, and you can bet your ass off I’ve worn it for my boyfriend. It has the same effect now as it did back then, and it still fits just the same! I guess it was just meant to be used.. just like I am. 😉 A little flirting, little teasing, little glimpse of how slutty I’m willing to get..and I can make my new Daddy give me everything I want. Though it gets a lot messier now than it did back then! When I was young it was all just about the teasing, dangling the idea of being bad.. but now I have to give it up! Doesn’t bother me though.. That little skirt is perfect to get fucked in. Tight, flippy, and slides up so easily.. it’s like it was meant to be easy access to me!

Come play with me.

dirty quickie