Family sex stories are always hot if you have a mommy as sizzling as me. Imagine coming out of your room to get a drink of water. You pause because you hear sounds. You began walking down the hall, continuing to follow the unfamiliar the sounds. They lead you right outside of mommy’s closed bedroom door. You slowly open turn the knob and push the door open. You find mommy naked, on top of a man that’s not daddy.

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She looks back over her shoulder, never getting from on top of the unacquainted man. She definitely sees you standing there with your eyes practically darting out of your head, gasping for air barely able to catch your breath. Even though you‘ve seen pretty ladies in the porn you downloaded secretly on your computer, but damn, this was your mom. Embarrassed, you race back to your room with the image of your naked mommy riding cock. You pull the covers over your head, to drown out mommy’s moans until they finally stop.

After mommy’s unfamiliar friend leaves…

After mommy’s unfamiliar friend leaves, she comes in your room. You try to act like you are still sleeping but mommy knows better. She removes your pajamas and underwear and begins to massage your cock. You can’t help but get hard as her mouth goes up and down on your hard dick. She climbs on top of you like she did her special friend. OMG, mommy is fucking you, and now you are the one moaning and groaning. You cry out, “Oh Mommy!” as you cum in her wet cunt.  Mommy runs her fingers through your hair to comfort you. She crawls into bed with you and cuddles you for hours.   Come let’s make our own mommy phone sex stories.

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