Family Sex Stories with Dawn

Family Sex Stories make for some kinky taboo phone sex. One reason that the best phone sex is with me is I was very young when I started having sex. It affected my lust.

So much that remembering the feel of a powerful adult man’s body covering mine always turns me on. That brutal thrust of an invading cock, my tiny pussy burning in pain forces me to cum. I do love a daddy or uncle lol or even an older male cousin or brother.

While thinking of my female family fun is always arousing. LOL but mommy phone sex does not make me think of MY mom, or sisters, or aunts… LOL, I think of my son or my nephews and their friends.

I mean it is such a blessing to teach a young man to become a good lover. And when I start them off young then they learn to control as well as how to create orgasms. And Good GODS teenage boys can cum 5 times an afternoon… such yummy pure sexual desire from cocks uncontaminated by life yet. I can get fucked in my pussy, ass, and throat fucked then still be fed a load of cum and get my pussy fucked again.

The fact that no matter how deviant they think their desires are I can help them grow into proud perverts. So incest phone sex is always one of my favorite kind of calls.

LOL,  Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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