I wasn’t Thinking About Having Family Sex At Least Not Yet

My nephew was staying with me recently for a week while he was looking for a place to rent when he goes to college nearby. So I said he could stay with me while he looked locally. Well things got a bit cozy while he was here. It was raining really hard the night he arrived and the ceiling above his bed started to drip water. So when he came in to tell me, I was reading in bed. And I said I had a huge king sized bed, he could just sleep with me. After all there was plenty of room for the both of us.I wasn’t thinking about having family sex , at least not yet.

My Curiosity Got The Better Of Me

He wasn’t in bed long before he rolled over and I could see a noticeable tent being pitched. He looked over at me a little embarrassed. I said it was fine, trying not to look too amused and not to worry. The truth was, I was curious what his cock looked like that was so big under the sheets. I hadn’t planned on having any family sex that night for sure. But things quickly grew naughty,my curiosity got the best of me. I slipped my hand under the covers to grasp his young cock. Needless to say, he didn’t put up much of a fight for his auntie. This was turning out to be one of those young sex stories guys beat off to.

I Soon Felt That Throbbing Young CockCasey has had family sex

I slid my hand into the front of his boxers and started to pump that dick in earnest. And he groaned in delight and his boxers were soon off of him and he was soon on me. He rolled me over onto my back and pinned my wrists above my head and began kissing my neck. And I spread for him, and soon felt that young, throbbing cock slide into my wet cunt. I couldn’t believe I was fucking my own nephew, but it felt great. I doubted my sister would approve of this little family sex story that was unfolding at my home.

His cock was thick and long and filled me nicely, I loved the taboo nature of what we were doing. feeling him pumping into his own aunt like this. I wrapped my legs around him nice and tight and ran my nails up and down his back. And I felt him arch into me. It felt wonderful, and I loved it. He made my pussy so wet and my nipples so hard. I reached down and cupped his ass cheeks in my hands and was pulling him deeper into me and it felt wonderful.

It Was Unexpected But So Fucking Hot

He thrust and he thrust, and I was soon cumming on my young nephew’s dick. And he shot his load deep into my hungry pussy. The unexpected family sex was so hot that he remained in my bed each night until he went back home. He found an apartment quite near my home, and I have a feeling once he starts school next month, he will be making a lot of visits over here. I sure hope so, anyway! I never thought my next lover would be someone I’ve known their entire lives and watched grow up, it’s kind of hot really. I’m looking forward to all the fun we will be having.

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