Family Fun Role-Play can be extremely exciting.

If seeing the words Family Fun Role-Play makes your cock twitch just the tiniest bit then you and I can have a great amount of fun together.   Yes, I realize that to most people this topic can be off-putting.  For others, however, it can be one of the most intense experiences they could ever imagine.  I will give you a couple of examples.

What better place to be than in your Mommy’s bed.

Let’s say there is a storm.  Not your average light rain, but a torrential downpour.  One which includes the occasional ear-splitting clap of thunder along with intensive lightning strikes.  To most adults, this type of weather can be startling but for little ones, a storm like this can be terrifying.  At first, the small one might try to hide under their blankets, squeeze their eyes shut, hope that everything just stops.  The most recent lightning strike hits close to the house and before long the sound of running feet can be heard making their way to the safety of Mommy’s bed.

The door is pushed open with force as the little man scrambles into the room.

Most Mommies would quickly move over, pull their small one to them, soothe them and fall asleep with their sweet one in their arms.   I, however, would take this as an opportunity.  One in which I could lovingly teach my son something about sex.  The Family Fun would start and continue on from there.

To terrified to return to his own bed he would stay in Mommy’s bed.

I would not be cruel.  I would cover his face in light kisses, pulling him closely to me for safety and for my own greedy intentions.  Taking my time, allowing him to explore my body as I do his.  Whispering in his ear instructions on how to not only make Mommy happy but him as well.  Tenderly my hands would work their magic.  My fingers fluttering softly over his soft supple skin.

Before long we would have nothing on except for the warm blanket.

Our warm skin pressed tightly together as his breathing becomes more shallow.  After a little while, we both are snuggled up beneath the sheets sleeping peacefully as the long-forgotten storm continues to rage outside.

Another example of a Family Fun based fantasy.

Perhaps you are embarrassed about the way your Mom dresses.  To you, she is dressing way too sexy and it makes you a little bit mad when your friends make comments about it.  Even your best friend has said how big your Mom’s tits are and how he would like to touch them.  When he said those words to you you immediately saw red and had to stop yourself from punching him.

You go home after school to tell your Mom that everyone is calling her a MILF.

You plan on telling her that she needs to stop dressing and acting the way she does.  None of your friend’s Moms wear the type of clothing that she does and she needs to change.  You slam your backpack down, march into the kitchen and confront your Mom.  She greets you with a smile and a hug.

All of a sudden your friend’s words come streaming back into your head.

Instead of feeling anger or embarrassment you feel something completely different.  Her big tits are pressed against the side of your face as she holds you tightly.  Pulling away you leave the kitchen in a hurry and run to your room.  For some reason, your dick is getting hard.  As the anger leaves you and confusion sets in, you lay back to try to figure out what is going on.

A dirty little thought starts to emerge.

The pleasure you feel as you touch yourself thinking about the hug is amazing.  Recalling how her perfume smelled, how warm her body was, how soft her lips were as they kissed your forehead in greeting.  Your body starts to react in the way it has many times before when you have done this but with greater intensity.

Just as you are about to finish you hear a faint noise.

Mom is standing in the doorway.  A small unfamiliar smile is playing across her lips.  A moment of panic happens but you cannot stop.  You finish with your Mom looking straight at you, eyes locked.  The only way you feel now is ashamed.  Ashamed of thinking of your Mom, ashamed that you were caught and ashamed that your Mom saw everything.  For a moment you think that you might even be in trouble for doing what you did.  What you do not know is that your Mom enjoyed watching you and in a few moments she is going to teach you all about Family Fun and that would be the start of a very special relationship between the two of you.

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