More Family Fun – This Time With My Cousin!

I couldn’t help touching myself. I didn’t care that my cousin was in the other bed, only a few feet from me. We were at the family’s rented beach house and had been outside all day on the beach and boardwalk. He had become a man since the last time I saw him. A very sexy, hot man – he wasn’t that scrawny kid anymore. I was dying to have a little family fun with him!

He was going to college in the fall, while I was only 15. I saw him throw his shorts off under the covers. I was hoping he included his underwear and was naked under those sheets! Rolled my fingertip over my clit, thinking about his body. He was tan, about 6 foot and so lean. With just a little hair trailing down to his cock. The one part of him I wanted to see and hadn’t. I imagined him with a huge cock, sticking erect out from his body just aching for me. I felt my hot little hole.

My pussy was soaked.

I noticed movement in his bed. Then I turned my head to see and he was staring at me while his hand moved slowly under the sheet. He smiled. I smiled back. It didn’t seem bad. It felt so natural! He started to stroke his cock out from his body so it made the sheet go higher and higher. I pulled my sheet out, and motioned for him to come into my bed. He quickly got up and I could see his naked body through the moonlight. He was gorgeous! Perfection. And I had a feeling that my fantasy of some hot family fun was about to cum true!

He got underneath my sheet and put his head on the pillow next to me. He gave me a sweet, sensual kiss. Then he kissed my cheek, and down my neck. I was on fire. I slipped my nightie over my head and tore off my panties. He laughed. I told him that I was dying all day to see what his cock looked like and I was wasting no time in getting it into my eager mouth! Dove under the sheet and took his beautiful hard cock into my mouth and gave him some of my best work. I took his cock all the way to the back of my throat, and he let out a surprised moan.

I’ll bet he didn’t expect a quality mouth fuck from a 15 year old!

I crawled up from under the sheet and stood on my knees. His hard stiff cock was rubbing against my wet pussy. He leaned up, held onto my waist and sucked on my nipple as I maneuvered myself onto his cock. I let out a sigh as he finally filled me up. He was a perfect fit, and then some! I rode him hard and he came deep inside his hot little cousin, biting on the pillow to keep quiet. I came as soon as he did, lying quietly together for a few minutes with his softening cock still inside me. We fell asleep, and before we knew it the sun was up and we smelled bacon cooking. We got dressed and went downstairs to see what our mom’s were cooking. If they only knew about our late night family fun…

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