Growing up in the Midwest means all kinds of traditions not experienced anywhere else in the US. For example, we love our maize mazes in Fall. Additionally, haunted hayrides pull huge crowds this time of year. One of the things I enjoy most this time of year involves the vibrations from the engine of an old tractor.  One year, I felt so horny sitting there next to my brother. I looked to him to take care of my soaked cunt. We didn’t know we were being filmed and starred on family fuck tube!

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I love to cocktease my family members. A naked amateur soccer mom cocktease will someday be my hobby! My cousins, uncles, and brothers know I taunt them on purpose. Every time they come around, I wear the shortest skirts and flirt mercilessly. However, my poor brother receives the brunt of the cockteasing. I know exactly how to get his dick hard by showing up in his doorway wearing nothing but a towel in the morning. Next, I back my ass up against him in the kitchen. Then, at night, I slip into bed with him completely naked. I giggle and put his hands on my thighs, ass, and tits. We might as well be filming our own family fuck tube videos the way I carry on!

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The hayride fit probably 12 people, 6 on each side. But I felt the vibrations of that old engine right up into my cunt. It made me so wet so I took my brother’s hand and put and put it between my thighs. I leaned into him and whispered, “I want you to finger fuck me under this blanket.” He looked around at all the faces on the ride but I tapped his knee. Then I grabbed at the front of his pants and felt for his hard cock. At that moment, I couldn’t care less if every last one of them on the ride pulled out their phones and took video of us for family fuck tube. I wanted to cum!

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Since he still hesitated, I pulled out his cock and stroked him quickly. He gasped and straightened up for his sexy little sister.  I even ducked under the blanket for a moment and sucked his dick. His groans and moans turned me on even more. The guys sitting next to me turned their phones toward us. They caught me licking the precum from my lips. Finally, my brother slid his hand into my jeans and let me ride his fingers. I bit my lip, knowing full well that I was being recorded for some family fuck tube porn. I bounced on his fingers while he put his hand under my top, squeezing my tits. Then I came on his fingers and put my brother’s cock back in his pants. He needed to be edged a whole lot longer before starring in another video.

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