I think about being a MILF all of the time. I’m not ready to get pregnant by any means. (Although I do love the idea of getting knocked up. Plus, I’ve heard pregnancy makes you super horny. And can you imagine becoming even more of a slut than I already am?) Mostly, I can’t wait to be the naked amateur soccer mom that drives the neighborhood crazy.

I’ll bring the most decadent brownies to soccer practice

Indulge in dense, chocolate brownies and other sweet treats when I go to soccer practice. I bake more than cookies, though. First, I’ll set up the snack table. Then, I’ll bend over so far, my tits will nearly fall out of my bra as I pour drinks. I tease cock and offer treats along the sidelines in my short booty shorts and cute little crop top. Next, the coaches and dads all notice my curves and thighs. My hot, naked amateur soccer mom status practically establishes itself.

I’m offering cookies. What else would you like?

I love making guys horny as fuck. A shy smile, long eyelashes, and a bitten lip drive men insane. They despise keeping their hands to themselves. And it feels amazing to act completely innocent about it. The soccer field becomes my playground. Throwing them right into a naked amateur soccer mom fantasy isn’t difficult.

Pool parties at my house when we win. Pool house when we lose.

If I still have my cum slut blog running, then they probably already know what happens at my pool parties. Otherwise, the word might get around the neighborhood about my slutty string bikini. And how sometimes, after a couple of drinks with the coaches, I get naked in the hottub. Running lots of miles every day keeps my naked amateur soccer mom body sexy as fuck. So, coaches, assistant coaches, and dads love to drop my tight cunt onto their hard dicks after a long game. They pass me around the pool like a slut. And I help them all unwind after a long day, letting them cum deep in my pussy.

Naked amateur soccer mom’s pool house orgy

A naked amateur soccer mom always has another trick up their sleeve, however. When the team doesn’t do so well, and moods are low, we head to the pool house. With cameras set up around the bed, I bend over and beg for cock. We make our own porn, either one-on-one or gangbang style. Anybody could look through the window and see their dad or coach (or both) fucking my ass, pounding my pussy, and ramming into my throat. I gag and choke but with every breath, I moan, “Fuck me deeper. Give it to me hard!”

I so look forward to being a naked amateur soccer mom and sending those guys home with links to their very own porn made at my house.

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