I remember that I may have been getting a little too old to be wrestling around on the floor with Daddy.   I had come home from playing up the street and Daddy was home early.  Then I remember I had been wearing the same outfit from the day before.  My Daddy started picking on me for wearing dirty undies.   So, I playfully started smacking him, pushing him, telling him to stop teasing me.

He grabbed me and started to tickle me, which then led to us wrestling on the floor.  I don’t know how I ended up sitting on his face.  When I realized how we had ended up I tried to stand up rather quickly.  Daddy wrapped his arms interlocked with my legs and held me tight.  He whispered in a weak whisper not to move.

I had asked him if he was okay, thinking maybe I had hurt him.  That is when I heard him take a really deep breath through his nose.  I felt the tip of his nose poking at my pretty pink button.  I asked Daddy to let me up.  He just held me there, rocking my ass and pussy up and down his face.  He told me to just wait a minute that he was almost done.

I was thinking what the fuck does that mean, “almost done”.  Then I realized what was going on.  I looked in between my daddy’s legs.  His cock was standing straight up and down.  It was about to bust through his zipper.   I have to admit I was a little creeped out.  However, my pussy craved more attention.  I knew that my Daddy was loving the scent of my little dirty pussy, all sweaty and wet from not showering or changing.

All I could do was blurt out “taste it, Daddy.”  And that is exactly what he did.  He pulled my panties to the side, held me up a little bit in the air, and just went to town licking from my juicy cunt to my dirty asshole.  As good as that felt I was not going to ask him to stop.   I started to rub his hard-on and told me not to.  Well, I wanted to get up and he wouldn’t let me.  As I grabbed the shaft in my hand teasing it before I unzipped him.  I saw his cock twitch and then felt a warm liquid seep through his pants.

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