Could there ever be a vision so beautiful? he thought. It was a face-sitting adventure he would never forget. Soft and smooth, an endless curve leading to the valley of pleasure. It was a masterpiece, a vision of beauty he could never forget.  “He craved it, he needed it – he would do anything to get beneath her, he wanted it.” he repeated it to himself over and over. Almost like a junkie addicted to crank.   His face was her throne.  She was the queen of his world. Her presence consumed his every being.  He couldn’t think.  He couldn’t breathe  – all he wanted was to breathe the smell of her ass and pussy.   Without hesitation, he gave himself over to her.   She owned him and he knew this.

Slowly she lowered her pussy and ass onto his face.  She took his breath away, as the aroma intoxicated him.  She was the vision of perfection.  She took over his every existence – leaving him unable to function.  She understood him and knew it was not easy being a man.  He fell weak to his taboo desires and craved her even more.  Especially when she tempted and teased him with her presence.  Her beautiful curves and edges tantalized and captivated him in so many ways.   She used the ultimate power of tease and denial to get in his head and keep him begging for more.

He couldn’t help himself – he gave into her so effortlessly.  The light diminished, as she placed her “ass”et upon his face.  He begged and pleaded for a taste, a lick. She reminded him about the task at hand.  Reinforcing that this is NOT about him.  It was about her and all her needs.   He couldn’t help himself for a moment.  He fell back into his selfish ways.  “Yes, Mistress” escaped from his mouth, as she lowered her mouth-watering ass upon his face and smothered him. She couldn’t help herself.   Grinding down harder and feeling his nose against her crack.  Smothering him, sitting on the throne of heaven, as she rubbed her ass effortlessly across his face. The pleasure intensified, as she moved up and down his face.  She pushed and teased him until his head was ready to explode.   She lifted her ass from his face and he gasped for air.  Only for a moment before the face sitting ritual continued.  Bumping, grinding, and dragging  – she reminded him “Don’t you dare cum.  Not until I allow you to cum.”  He knew that releasing before being granted permission was a sign of weakness.  He knew she would have punished him relentlessly.  Edging him along – tempting him and teasing him to cum.  Pulling him back over and over. She would break him of his weakness, even if it took hours of edging mixed with tease and denial.

Sometimes she would use a strap on for pegging exercises.  That was another lesson for another day.  He looked forward to being even more exposed to his queen. Today she only placed his chastity.  She wanted him to understand – his cock was caged for his benefit.  Touching his cock was a reward that would “cum” as a reward.  she leaned down and teased him – almost giving him a ruined orgasm.  She owned him and she owned his cock.  She reinforced her ownership, as she forced her ass down on his face.  She only permitted him to touch her property when she allowed him to. “Your cock is mine!!” she let out a wicked little laugh.

Are you ready to give yourself to me, as I fill your head with naughty visions of taboo fetishes?  (Humiliation – Forced Fem – BBC – Ruined Orgasm – Milking – Cream Pie -CBT – JOI – CEI- Cuckold – K9 – GangBang – Strapon – Toilet Training – Squirting –  Kinky fetish role-playing  – whatever kink pushes your buttons) What will it take to push your limits?  When I deny you the one thing you crave the most – You will agree to anything. Opportunity only knocks once – lose control with edge play phone sex.

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