Guys like you were made for small penis humiliation.

Notice I said guys and not men. Real men are never subjected to small penis humiliation. That’s because there’s no reason for them to be. They have nice big, pleasure providing cocks.  You don’t have a “cock”.  It’s a dick or more accurately, a dicklet. You must realize that with something that tiny between your legs you won’t be inspiring lust in anyone. In fact, the only thing you’re going to be inspiring is sheer laughter!

You must have absolutely hated gym at school.  I’m sure public urinals are out of the question as well. Seriously, how could you ever stand next to a real man and ever look him in the eye again if he sees what you’re not packing? There’s also the not so minor issue of what’s going to happen if you do try to pee standing up. I’m sure that piss will just trickle right down your leg, won’t it? Have you learned to embrace making hot women like me laugh?

Come on drop those pants. I want to see that little tic tac dick that you’re hiding under those hands. You do realize you’re being completely overgenerous in using your hand to hide behind, don’t you? After all, two fingers will do the job just fine! Now that we’ve established that there’s no way in hell your pathetic little dicklet is coming anywhere near me, let’s see how we can make you useful. Sexual satisfaction clearly isn’t going to happen.

Why don’t you open up that wallet and show me what you’ve got?

First of all, I don’t want to see that pathetic little nubbin. So show me something that I do want to see. Do you have enough money in your wallet to make it worth my while? You’re used to humping that hand of yours because it’s far too small to jerk off as a normal man would. In fact, I could use a laugh so let me see you hump the floor. I’ll be sure to live stream the action so all of my hot friends can have a good laugh at your expense too.

There’s no way that I’ll ever allow you to fuck me not for all the money in the world. If you’re a good pathetic little loser and open that wallet, I just might let you watch me get fucked by a real man. That’s right, it’s time to ramp up the small penis humiliation for your very first cuckold party! Of course, before he fucks me, I’m going to put his big black cock right up next to yours. You know, just for shits and giggles. This will be an even more obvious way of showing you just how woefully inadequate you truly are. No touching my hot, perfect body, but you can hump the floor while you watch us fuck. I’m sure my lover will get a kick out of it too.  Don’t forget to lick the dribbles of cum up off the floor when you’re done.

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