Who’s craving some extreme religious blasphemy?

Daddy, I’m really craving some extreme religious blasphemy today! It’s Sunday, and you know how much I love to sin today. It’s just so much naughtier doing it on gods day, you know? I laid out your favorite lacy white dress, with matching white lace panties for mass today. I’ve got my hair in a ponytail with a pretty white ribbon wrapped around it and I look like such a sweet tight innocent virgin don’t I daddy? No one at church will have any clue about what a naughty girl I really am. What can we do to be extra naughty today? You know I’m up for anything!

Ooh, ooh you got me an extra special present daddy? I can’t wait to see it! Can I open it now, pretty pretty please? It’s such a pretty rosary daddy, it looks all grown up with real pearls and gold on it. It matches my pretty white lace dress perfectly! What do you mean this is a secret rosary that only me and you get to know about and see? Where’s it going to be during mass?

How come you want me to lay down on the bed naked before I get dressed? Ok, I trust you daddy. Laying down on the bed naked, I spread my thighs open wide for you like a good girl. Mmm, I like the way it feels when you rub these rosary beads up and down my little bald pink pussy lips. It’s making me all wet and tingly between my legs. Please push it inside my little cunny, I need to be filled up it’s driving me crazy daddy! This rosary pops into my pussy just perfectly, it’s like it was made to be inside me. Extreme religious blasphemy is the best!

The crucifix dangles perfectly right over my little clit and right between my bald pussy lips.

Why are you having me slip my panties on over it daddy? Do I really get to wear this tucked inside of me during mass? It’s going to make me so horny, I’m already dripping wet. When I move around it rubs against all my most sensitive spots. Even my puffy pink mosquito bite nipples are stiff now. Won’t everyone notice how horny I am? What if I can’t hold still while I’m praying or someone smells my pussy juices? It’s so naughty daddy I love it!

It’s so hard to concentrate on what the priest is saying with this rosary buried in my hot, tight, wet pussy. Naughty religious blasphemy already gets me super horny, this is making me wanna cum right on the spot, right here in the pew. I hope no one notices that I keep rubbing my legs together. I need to cum so bad, this is torture. Your cock looks pretty hard, daddy. You like seeing how much this is turning me on in front of everyone don’t you? Hold the bible up so no one sees my little hand reach over to pull your hard cock out.

I’m gonna stroke your big hard daddy dick while the priest is talking. It’s such a fucking bore anyway. This will help me not fall asleep during mass. You’re leaking so much pre-cum for me already I wanna lick it all up! My mouth is watering already just thinking about it. I can’t wait till mass is over so we can go have some real extreme religious blasphemy fun! You want it just as bad as I do, don’t you naughty daddy? Just make sure they know we can’t stay for bible study today cause we have something important we have to do.

After all, what’s more important than fucking your little girl?

It’s finally time to go home. Let’s get out of here before someone tries to stop us to talk about the sermon. My panties are drenched and you have a huge wet spot in the front of your slacks. As soon as we get in the car, I’m already pulling your cock out as you drive away from the church. My soft pouty pink lips wrap right around you while you’re driving us home. I can’t wait anymore!

Being such a naughty little extreme religious blasphemy girl for you always gets me so excited daddy. As soon as we walk through the door, you pull my lacy white panties off and tug that dripping wet rosary right out of me. Of course, you fill me up with something even better-your cock!

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