I have no limits and no taboos when it cums to extreme fetish role play.

There is no end to the possibilities of extreme fetish role play. Perhaps you need a partner to enact an accomplice play fantasy. It’s always more fun to share your secret kink. Why keep it to yourself when you can give it to me? Don’t worry, I’ll use it only for naughty purposes, I promise!

Do you need a dose of forced sex? I’ll gladly help you gulp down your inaugural load of another man’s cum. Need a helping hand forcing something (or someone) down someone else’s throat? But I don’t care if it’s your wife, your daughter, or hell, even grandma! I dare you to try and shock me. “The sicker the better” is my phone sex motto.

To be honest, playing a more “dominant” sexual role is my real forte. So, if you’re looking for a slave: have you ever considered what a fantastic slave you would make? I love all submissive men, whether they’re overly eager to be abused or need a little extra cajoling. As your Mistress, I promise to treat you with utmost disrespect and a CUM-plete lack of compassion.

I love hearing about “weird” fetishes.

How bizarre or specific is the scenario that has you by the balls? Specific fantasies, “niche” erotic fixations genuinely fascinate me. It’s hot to me if you know what you want. But if you need a little extra help putting the “finishing touches” on your masturbation script, I’m the deranged slut for you.

I think extreme fetish role play can be sexually therapeutic, dare I say even cathartic. Let’s purge the demons that possess you with a nice long orgasm. I loved hearing you cum for me after we’ve acted out your most secret, kinky fantasy.

But now it’s time to quit scrolling through phone sex sites wondering if the operators are really as perverted (and/or sadistic) as they claim. Call me, I’m right here waiting to get NASTY with you.