Extreme CFNM humiliation anyone?

I can tell that you’re craving an extreme CFNM humiliation session. It’s quite obvious that you’ve got a tiny dick. Anyone with eyes can see that you don’t make the slightest bulge in the front of your pants. Besides that, women talk as I’m sure you’re well aware. The entire town has heard how tiny your dicklet is. This doesn’t come as a surprise to you though, does it? After all, no one has agreed to go on a date with you in ages. That’s exactly what makes you ripe for humiliation and boy do I have plans for you.

I’ve noticed you checking me out since you moved down the block from me.

Please, I am so far out of your league it’s not even funny. I’m going to spring this extreme CFNM humiliation on you though. It’s so much more amusing this way. Why don’t you come in and join me for lunch? After all, don’t you think that it’s time we got to know each other properly? What you don’t know is that my friends are all watching us from a back room. Your eyes are roaming up and down my body, with my red mini dress slinking over my breasts and my round ass.

You can’t seem to tear your eyes away from my black silk stockings and my six inch stilettos either. From the way you’re checking me out, I bet you’re pretty stiff right now aren’t you? Do you have a foot fetish? Not that I could tell from looking at you, for very obvious reasons! Go ahead and strip down out of your clothes. I want you to get comfortable. We’re going to have some fun together, and your clothes will just be in the way. Wow, doesn’t take you long to strip completely naked does it?

Admit it, it’s been an awful long time since you’ve been with a woman.

No holding your hands in front of your little bits, emphasis on the little! Yikes, that’s even tinier than I imagined. Looks like the very rampant rumors were oh so very true. You have got the tiniest nubbin I have ever had the misfortune of seeing. If only I could unsee it. Don’t look so shocked, you didn’t actually think you were going to get to fuck me did you? I have very high standards, I’m a total size queen and proud of it. Oh no, I invited you here for entirely different reasons.

My friends are going to come out and enjoy the show up close and personal now. They want in on this extreme CFNM humiliation session as well. I think I’ll use you as a footstool while they file out. Get on your hands and knees and hold still so I can prop my tootsies up on your naked back. Unfortunately for you, the sound of our laughter doesn’t make your itty bitty stiffy disappear in the least does it? It seems like you almost enjoy being laughed at and humiliated.

This is the most female attention you’ve gotten in a very long time isn’t it?

Oh, I have a fun game for us to play. We’re all going to take turns bending low in front of you. You’ll have a clear view of our cleavage, before we slowly turn and wriggle our tight round asses in front of your face. It’ll be interesting to see just how much teasing you can take before your little wiener dribbles. I’m guessing it won’t take you long at all. No touching though, we don’t want to see you rub it.

Keep your hands far away, or else our salads might come back up yuck!

It should go without saying of course, but you also aren’t allowed to touch us. We can do as we please to you but we don’t want your hands on our tight bodies. I only allow real men, with really big cocks to put their hands on my body. Are you ready to cry with embarrassment yet? How does it feel being completely naked with your woeful inadequacies exposed while we stand in front of you completely dressed and laughing our hot asses off at you? It’s pretty appropriate I’d say, since you couldn’t please a virgin with that tiny thing.

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