My hot neighbor has such a major foot fetish.

It didn’t take much for me to discover my hot neighbor’s foot fetish. He gets an instant hard on the second that he sees my freshly pedicured toes wriggling. We first met when I was coming out of the salon, in a cute pair of white sandals. They showed off my silky smooth feet and my perfect feminine toes to perfection. His jaw dropped open when he saw my feet. His eyes immediately traveled down my body, sliding over my big perky tits, and my long lean legs. It took quite awhile before he managed to drag his eyes away from my sexy feet and back up to my face.

It was so obvious what was running through his mind. I could tell that he had a foot fetish and that he was loaded. I definitely couldn’t let the opportunity to drain his wallet pass me by. He invited me for a drink and I spent the entire time with my sandal slipped off trailing up his leg. It drove him absolutely wild. His dick was so hard that he was dripping pre-cum into his pants and he had a major tent.

By the time we got back to his place, he was more than ready to feel my toes on his dick. I slipped my sandals off and started sliding my soft feet up and down his rock hard shaft. He was dripping pre-cum all over my pretty little toes. I gave him the foot job of his life, but I wouldn’t let him cum unless he met two conditions. The first was of course that he hand over his wallet, and the second was that he eat his cum for me. After he blew that big, sticky hot load of cum all over my pretty feet, I made him indulge his tongue fetish and suck and lick it off my feet.

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