You’re In For Some Extreme CBT Punishment Tonight.

Are you wondering what you did to deserve some extreme CBT punishment? Come in and have a seat on the sofa. You’re starting to sweat, am I making you nervous? You should be nervous right now because I know that you’re cheating on my little sister. Do you have any idea how much that pisses me off? You’re about to find out. Deny it all you want but I have proof. Do you see these pictures? That’s right, you were caught in the act so, if you don’t want my dear sister to find out what you’ve been up to behind her back, you’ll do as I say.

Now tell me, just how desperate are you to hold on to her? Because all it takes is one push of this button and it’s all over for you. You know exactly how she feels about loyalty and you’ll be out on your ass so fast, your head will spin. That’s right I’m holding all the cards. Now strip naked for me and don’t get excited because I’m not remotely interested in what you’ve got between your legs. My interests lie elsewhere.

Now, it’s time for you to pay for what you’ve done to my sister with some extreme CBT punishment. Take a look at the wonderful instruments of torture laid out on the table beside you. Lay on your back on the floor and watch as I walk over to you in my black 6-inch stilettos. Lifting my foot up slowly, I slam my heel down onto your balls. That’s what you get for trying to look up my dress pervert! This is a punishment and not a reward!

It’s so much fun stomping your balls into the ground while you scream out in pain.

Those tears are pretty amusing, go ahead cry all you want because I’m just getting started. Reaching for the q-tips I dip them into a big jar of icy hot, one after the other. Guess where these are going? That’s right, right in your piss hole, maggot!  Grab them one at a time, and slid them in and take your time, do it nice and slow. Now that all three are inserted, move them in and out. Don’t pull them all the way out, just a little up and down. You’re turning bright red and dripping sweat now.

It hurts, doesn’t it? Because extreme CBT punishment isn’t supposed to be pleasant! The inside of your piss hole is heating up so very quickly. The look of desperation on your face is just hilarious. Stick your hand into that jar of icy hot. That’s right, we’re not even close to being done with that baby yet. Now rub it all over those freshly stomped balls of yours. Don’t skimp on it either, really slather it on thick. Your dick size isn’t impressive in the least. I’m surprised you could find anyone to cheat with you in the first place.

Because it’s too small for the rat traps, hand me the mouse ones instead. Aren’t you enjoying handing me your instruments of torture? You’re taking such a proactive role in your torture. At least you’re managing to do one thing right. Watch closely as I open the spring part of the trap and line it up with your cheating cock head. Your whole body is tensing up already because you know what’s coming, don’t you? Feel that trap snap closed on your dick.

Scream for me and let me see that glazed over look of pain in your eyes.

Look at that blood dripping out of your cock. Extreme CBT punishment is such a messy thing but that’s half the fun. Are you having fun you cheating scum bag? Oh well, my amusement and enjoyment are all that matter here anyway. I stomp your balls some more as you writhe in pain. Have I cured your extreme foot fetish yet? That mousetrap snapped pretty hard, didn’t it? It sucks to be you right now. Now it’s time to see how I can raise your pain level even more. Hand me the meat mallet and lay your dick across the end table, it’s time to tenderize that meat.

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 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke