Come closer and let me tell you about my extreme castration fetish.

You heard me right, I have a super extreme castration fetish. There’s just something about such a final act that really makes my tight little bald cunt drip with excitement! I bet you never would have guessed that such evil, dark thoughts lurk in such a tiny little innocent-looking package, did you? I know a secret- you have a girlfriend. Well, you did anyway until you started hitting on me. Guess what? Your ex-girlfriend is my best friend in the whole entire universe. Are you starting to feel dizzy yet?

Do you know what a big mistake you made? It works out perfectly for me because I get to make sure she gets her revenge in a very permanent way and I get to indulge my extreme castration fetish! Dissolve able drugs are the best thing for a petite girl like me. It makes it so easy for me to gain the upper hand with a big strong man like you! There it is- the look of fear and disappointment crossing your face. You thought you were getting lucky tonight, didn’t you? Too bad, so sad for you, that’s not going to happen. Instead, I’m going to relieve you of your cock and balls!

Best of all there’s not a thing you can do to stop me! See how easy it is for me to strip you naked and tie you down? Watch me pull open my bedside drawer and take out a pretty pink case. So feminine and delicate looking, until I open it that is. Look at my extensive collection of scalpels. They go from smaller to large. That’s because I like to start with your ball sack and work my way to your cock.

Watch as I trail the blade slowly up the inside of your thighs.

The light glistens off the sharp edge so sexily, doesn’t it? Aww, it’s too bad you’re not trembling with excitement like I am. You’re trembling with fear. Feel the blade slowly cut into your sack as I work my way around the edges. The blood is so pretty as it starts to trickle out, and the sound of your cries of pain are music to my ears. Now you get to feel the pain that my bestie felt when she realized what a cheating liar you are!

You’re about to find out just how serious I am about my extreme castration fetish. Now that I’ve cut all around the edges it’s time for me to cut your balls loose and toss them to the dogs. Such a special rare treat for them, they’re salivating and whining with excitement already. That could be because they know that an even larger treat is soon to come their way. Hold still, this is going to take longer for me to cut through all of the tendons and muscle. Didn’t you wonder why my Rotties are so muscular with such shiny coats? It’s all of the extra protein that I feed them. Not quite the tight innocent virgin you were expecting am I?

Call me when you’re craving extreme ageplay phone sex.

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke