Explore Traditional Hot Sex Positions: From Blah To Ahhh

Explore Traditional Hot Sex Positions: From Blah To Ahhh! Let’s take a look at 8 well-known hot sex positions and how you can spruce them up! This is a great blog and I am looking forward to exploring it with you!

1. Doggy Style, on Your Elbows
Throw your partner a bone and up his penetration power. The traditional version of this position has the woman on all fours and the man on his knees, entering her from behind, but if you rest on your elbows instead of your hands, “the change in angle makes it easier for your partner to go deeper,” says Dr. Glickman. Bonus: “Your wrists won’t get tired from holding up your body.”

* This makes a lot of sense! Even aside from this, there are still other ways to explore
with this position too, for example, you can put a few pillows under your pelvis, to help lift you up.

Hot Sex Positions Continued!

2. Doggy Style, with a Belt or Scarf
Another sexy update to doggy style could start with what’s hanging in your closet. “Get on your hands and knees, and have your partner place a wide belt or scarf in front of your hips,” Dr. Glickman suggests. He should hold the slack and “use it to pull you back onto him, without having to grip you so hard.” Be sure the belt rests where you’d normally wear one, so it doesn’t slide around. “Using a belt or scarf gives your partner a solid hold,” which allows for deeper penetration, Dr. Glickman adds.

* Well damn I didn’t even think of this, I must admit! But my oh my, that sounds hot!
I would be eager to try this myself of course, but I’d also be curious to hear from my readers about this!

More Hot Sex Position!

3. Missionary, with Added Friction
Extra rub means extra love for this spin on man on top. The traditional form of this position has the guy lying face to face on top of the woman, who’s on her back. “Start out this way, but bring your legs between his, and have him angle his body forward so that his shaft is rubbing firmly on your clitoris (also known as the coital alignment technique),” says Rachel Needle, Ph.D., a psychologist and certified sex therapist. Squeeze your legs together to make your vagina feel tighter and create more friction for the both of you.

* I would imagine that this means, instead of your legs being around his waist,
his legs are actually on the outside! Hmmmm which is VERY effective and works for doggy style too.
This creates that direct stimulation a lot of women need.

Hot Sex And More!

4. The woman on Top, with Extra Clitoral Stimulation
Instead of straddling your man as he lies on his back with his legs flush against the bed, have him bend his knees up toward the ceiling, with the bottoms of his feet resting flat on the mattress. As you move on top of him, place one of your legs outside of his thigh, and your other leg in between his legs. “This allows you to control the depth and angle of penetration,” Dr. Needle explains, “all while rubbing your clitoris against his pubic bone.”

* Think of this as his and hers scissors! I love this and I am quite certain you will too!
It’s awkward at first, but once you find a groove, it’s all good!

Who Doesn’t Love Hot Sex?

5. Reverse Cowgirl, with His Legs, Bent into a Diamond Shape
The standard style of this position “has the woman on top with her back to her partner, lowering herself down onto him,” Dr. Needle says. For this variation, “your partner lies on his back with his legs bent, and the soles of his feet touching, knees falling to each side. Straddle him backward and lower yourself onto him, leaning forward a bit, so that your clitoris is being rubbed.” While riding your partner, Dr. Needle suggests playing with his testicles and putting pressure on his perineum, an area between his scrotum and anus filled with extra nerve endings.

* This is another one that’s kind of tricky, especially for the rider, but once it’s mastered, it’s a-may-zing!

Hot Sex Is Fun Sex!

6. Doggy Style, with Your Legs Wrapped Around His Hips
Take things off the bed for deeper penetration, potentially stronger orgasms and a better view of your backside for your partner. “Lie face down on the edge of your bed, with your hips and legs off the bed, and your legs wrapped around his hips,” explains Dr. Needle. “Have your partner stand on the floor behind you, thrusting in and out—support yourself on your elbows for a more intense penetration angle.” Leaning on your elbows also gives you a free hand to manually stimulate yourself.

* A.K.A the wheelbarrow! This position is a lot of fun, so get ready!

Want More Hot Sex Positions?

7. The woman on Top, Sideways
Instead of facing your partner or turning your back to him, give him a profile view, suggests Ava Cadell, Ph.D., a sex therapist. To balance, put your hands on either side of his body, planting your feet firmly on the floor. “You’ll be able to slide from side to side as far as you want, creating your own friction” for optimum stimulation of the front wall of the vagina, where you’re more sensitive, says Dr. Cadell. “And by moving your pelvis down for deeper penetration, you can align his penis on and around your G-spot, stimulating the whole vagina.”

* Can’t say that I’ve ever tried this one, but it sounds like fun! Again, tricky but definitely worth it!

Go Deep With These Hot Sex Positions!

8. Missionary, with a Yoga Move
Whether you’re an expert yogi or a newbie, adding the happy baby pose to your sex session makes man-on-top more pleasurable. (But avoid this move if you’re pregnant or have neck problems.) “Instead of holding your legs open with your leg muscles, grab behind your knees,” Dr. Glickman says. “Bend your legs and move your thighs against your belly, with your feet up toward the ceiling. Then, grip your hands on the outsides of your feet. Open your knees slightly wider than your torso and bring them toward your armpits.” This position relaxes your lower back, opens your hips and thighs and allows for very deep penetration.

* I would imagine that you could try MANY different moves with this one!

How To Have Sex!

Even though some of these positions seem or sound complicated, don’t be intimidated by them. Don’t be afraid to explore them and have fun with them. Sometimes the VERY best way to explore your partner is to explore yourself first! So, let loose have fun and call me, Veronica! I’d love to help!!

As always thank you for reading! See you next time!

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