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College girls, their hot, wild and free. This is that time when you do all sorts of exploring and having fun, and then you become one of the exploited college girls on the net. My friends and I were exploited. Someone leaked our college orgy sex tape! I honestly don’t remember doing the act because I was so fucked up. But I saw the tape, several times. It looked like I had a pretty good time, even though I was acting like a little slut.

One minute I’m this shy little college girl and the next I’m one of the exploited college girls. It’s funny what a few drinking games and body shots will make you do. Drinking, that’s how it all started and it doesn’t help that I’m a lightweight. After the first drink I was seemingly fine I wasn’t staggering, stripping or anything like that.

Then I have another drink which made me drunk. But then I take drink number three which loosened me up. My girlfriends then pull out the shots, and I take some body shots off them. I’m assuming it was the body shots that got the boys attention because that’s when they shouted some catcalls. Those body shots were done very sexy. And when we spilled the alcohol all over my friends top, she just took it off. After watching Sara removed her top the rest of thought lets all take off our tops. So if it wasn’t the body shots, it was our tits hanging out for all to see. We were getting rowdy, dancing, and even stripping now.

Watching my own sex tape

The guys were all over our tits, squeezing them, and groping them. I lost count how many men you see in this sex tape that grab some part of my body. The guys were crowding around the three of us and even looks like several are recording from their phones. They shouted out to kiss each other. I kissed Sara because it sounded like fun. The guy that is filming the sex tape comes over to us and we smile and greet the camera. Then you Sara grab my pussy and smile at the camera. More lesbian sex acts which I’ll just skip for now happened. One guy is fucking Beth while Sara and I share a cock.

Some of the guys are standing around us jerking off while others are filming. More guys joined it and took turns letting us suck them. But then they wanted more and that’s where the orgy happened. Several men fucked the three of us. I can’t even tell you whose cum was running out me when I woke up the next morning. It could have been any of them or a mixture of several different guys. I just know they all didn’t cum IN us because in the video I see some squirting on my tits and my face. Fucking insane group sex right?! See what happens at college frat parties? Honestly it’s not even the half of this video but I think you get the idea. Although I’m here if you decide you need more exploited college girls!

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