Kelsey’s Hottest College Stories

You haven’t heard all of my hot college stories just yet. For me, college was one big party because all I had to do to get an A was fuck my college professors. Those professors were hot and I loved torturing them. Lets face it for most of us college was one big wild experience. There was so much sex! I loved the parties, drugs and sex. I tried everything from big black cock to lesbians and even group sex. The best places were the frat parties. There were so many men but the hardest part was picking between all of them. You never get surrounded by just one guy at a frat party. One time I could chose just one so I gave in to both but what started out as threesome turned into a group sex.

My girlfriend that came to the party with me came looking for me when I went missing but she had no idea she and I would be sharing those guys together. She walked in on them groping me and pulling off my clothes. I pulled towards me and kissed her before I could properly introduce her. She didn’t stop me instead she kissed back. The two frat boys surrounded us, groping, touching and kissing down our bodies.One of the frat boys put a line of powder on my friends ass for me to snort. I watched them each do a line as well and then she did a line off me. We both gave them a blow job and shared those cocks between us. Those frat boys jerked off while watching me eat my friends pussy.

We were little college whores that night but we didn’t care. I don’t whose cum I woke up covered in but thats the exciting part. I’m sure the drinking and drugs combo played in a big part in my decision but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. My college stories get pretty kinky and aren’t for the weak heart. Lets trade our favorite college secrets over some adult phone chat. I’ll be honest and tell you everything but don’t withhold those kinky secrets from me.

Kinky Kelsey