2So in honor the 4th of July, I thought I would, begin to tell you how I can explode your fire cracker. First I will slowly undress you , taking my time removing your shirt at 1st, then licking every inch of your bare chest. Moving my tongue all around your nipples, sucking , licking, biting, until you can’t take it. Invading your mouth with my every so sweet tongue, licking every inch of your mouth.

Next I will take off my tight highs so I can tie up your arms to the post of my bed. As I am tying you up I will be licking every part of the body, sucking those fingers, using them to rub my sweet tight pussy as I climb from one side to the other. Making sure each and everyone of those fucking fingers glides in my sweet wet pussy.  Let all my juices flow down each finger, leaving my scent, so you can smell but can’t get to it. And if you beg just enough I just might lick those fucking pussy dripping fingers so you can watch me lick my own sweet juice.

After, I will move onto your inner thighs, licking, biting, and sucking on every inch of those fucking thighs, just not touch your fire cracker just yet. I would rub my fingers all over your thighs and just brushing against your balls, just to let you know how good it would feel for me to wrap my pretty little hands around your fire cracker,  to rub it, suck it, lick every inch of your man hood.

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