Experimenting With My Brother and His Friends

My brother Andrew and I were always close. Being  just a year apart, we had all the same friends, hung out at the same corner (ours) and were usually hanging out together. During the day we would often cut school and hang out at our house or at our friend Pino’s house.  Being the only young teen girl among 3-4 teen boys is a recipe for disaster (or great fun) even if one of them is your own brother.

One time, two of my brothers friends were over.  I came downstairs and all three of them each had a pillow over their lap and their hands on top. I knew every one of them was hiding a hard dick under the pillows. My brother scrambled to put something stupid on while they all acted interested. I paused for a minute to look at the TV, and give Valerio a view of my ass in my short shorts. I loved Valerio. He was the first older boy I ever kissed and I loved his thick juicy lips. He was full italian who came from Italy just the year before, he spoke with an accent and for a teenager, he had a pretty hot muscular body that I really loved.

Returning from the kitchen I could tell they were waiting for me to pass through, so when I sat down between two of them they all seemed to shift in their seat and get antsy. I didn’t get to comfortable because I was hoping Valerio would follow me upstairs, or come up to use the bathroom, and we would end up making out in my bedroom, something that has happened a few times. So, once I told them they were all  boring I pushed on the pillow in Valerio’s lap and got up, jogged up the steps to my room, peeking down through the railing as I made my way to the top.

I hurried and brushed my teeth, ran my fingers through my hair, and pulled my small tits up to make a little cleavage. Turned on the radio in my room and layed on my bed writing in my journal, waiting. Just as I knew he would, within 15 minutes Valerio was pushing my door open asking to come in. Really?!?! He had to ask? I would do like anything for this kid, and here he’s asking to come in. Yes! Oh Yes! Yes!

I sat up in my bed, and he sat on the side, and we talked about stupid stuff before he finally planted one on me.  A juicy lipped, soft kiss with a whole lot of tongue. At that age, I kind of just rolled my tongue in circles, but he always slowed me down, and showed me how to do it right. We kissed and humped for like 20 minutes before he put his hand in my shorts and panties. It’s the first time someone was going into my pants, and I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t stop him either. I felt his fingers wiggling my lips and in between them. It was definitely wet and his dick was definitely hard. I felt like touching it was just the thing to do since he was doing it to me.

I reached down and unbuttoned his pants. His dick was so hot. So smooth. I jerked off a couple boys my age, but his dick was bigger and he showed me how to move my hand up and down his shaft to make him feel good.  Focusing back on me, and pushing his finger inside, I could feel it wiggling around my hole. He slowly pushed it inside and it was ugh, so uncomfortable, but I didn’t stop him. He would push it in, and then wiggle it back and forth several times before pulling it back out a little bit. It wasn’t pleasurable (yet) and I was a virgin, so I knew it was going to hurt to do these things, and I wanted to please him so much I just let him keep fingering me while I jerked him off.

He kissed my neck and I turned my head and saw my brother and his friend peeking in the door! I screamed and jumped up slamming the door in their faces!

“Oh my God! What fucking jerks, did you know they were going to do that?!?”
“No, but what’s the big deal anyway? Who cares? It’s not like we’re going to tell anyone. Call your friends to come over so they have a girl too.”
“Um, we’re all cutting school, no one is home they’re all actually at school.”
“Well, then whatever. No one is going to know, just let them come in. Please? Hook em up?”

He smiled and jumped up adjusting his hard dick in his pants and opened the door yelling for both our brothers to come back. He made himself comfortable sitting against the headboard of my bed and pulled me between his legs so my back was against his chest. Hugged me while him and our brothers joked and sat toward the bottom of the bed.

He had his arms around my waste and my legs were Indian style, I remember him turning my chin back to kiss him and his hands wandered around my belly, and to my boobs. Then he squeezed them in front of the boys and started to pull my shirt up. He wouldn’t stop kissing me so I could only pay attention to him. One hand he put down on my pussy, through my shorts. He was rubbing it and I could feel them watching. I could hear them breathing. One of them already started to jerk off, I could hear him doing it.

Valerio’s dick was pushing against me and he was moving it against my ass. He had me grinding against his hand rubbing me. He pulled my already loose shorts over and exposed my virgin pussy to both boys. I could hear whoever was stroking start going faster which excited me. I wanted the finger inside me, I wanted them to watch me now and I got really into making out.

We paused to adjust positions so Valerio could take his dick out and I saw both of their dicks when I lifted my head, dripping wet and being jerked off. My brother was briefly embarrassed but looked at his dick and stroked it slow while Valerio sunk down in the bed and pulled me on top of him keeping my shorts and panties pulled over and pushing me right against his cock. I humped him like I knew I should and he encouraged the boys to squeeze my ass cheeks while they jerked off. The harder we kissed the more excited they got.

My brother leaned over to talk to me and I could feel his dick touching my thigh. He was telling me I could fuck Valerio and he would never tell anyone. Then Pino leaned over and was egging me on to put his dick inside of me. I could feel all three of their dicks touching me and I loved it. They all started humping me and both boys came on my legs and I jerked Valerio off on his stomach. Three boys, I was insane. I was so excited that night it was all I could think about and what the next time would be like. My brother actually came on my leg my brother? For some reason it wasn’t really that weird as long as no one knew.

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